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Who doesn’t like candy? This one snack, it’s almost a favorite of all people & all ages. According to experts, Candy has been around for 3,500 years ago. You must also like this cute sweet snack? We most often find candy flavored mint, strawberry, melon, chocolate, and so on. But you know what, it turns out Many candies are made from unexpected ingredients. You could say strange, even we will think again to eat it. For that, let’s take a peek at the following unique sweets from around the world!

1. Ginger Candy – Indonesia

Talking about ginger candy, of course, everyone in Indonesia has heard or tasted this candy with a unique taste. This candy has a long history in Indonesia, not tens but hundreds of years this candy has been made in Indonesia. in the book Island of Java by John Joseph Stockdale ginger candy became an export commodity in 1778. The Dutch sent around 5000 kg of this candy to Batavia Europe. Candied Ginger (Ginger Candy) is very popular in plains Europe because it can cure bloating. Besides being useful for curing bloating, this candy is also useful for warming the body and refreshing the throat. Are you still eating this candy?

2. Gummi Lightning Bugs

This candy is delicious, but maybe you love it when you want to eat it. Because, these candies can be lit and adorable! So do not have the heart to eat it. This candy that comes from China, is usually popular during the Helloween Festival. The candy will come with an LED clamp that will light up when you pick up the candy. So funny right?

3. Nurungji Candy

Nurungji is a traditional Korean dish made from charred rice. Yup, scorched. But reportedly the taste of this candy is delicious. Many South Korean companies provide it in different forms, including candy. So imagine the advertisement if this product is marketed in Indonesia: “Eating a pack of Nurungji candy is the same as eating a packet of charred rice!” Exciting huh? Anybody want to try?

4. Botan Rice Candy

Well, this one is just an anti-mainstream candy. You certainly rarely find candy that can be eaten together with the wrapper like Botan Rice Candy. Yes, these Japanese sweets are wrapped in rice paper so they can be eaten. Smart solution to reduce waste.

5. Squid Candy

If you like seafood, including squid, maybe these Japanese sweets are for you. Japan is the center of all kinds of interesting ideas! Hey? Is it better to eat candy or just eat fried squid?

6. Sugared Violets

In Spain, these naturally sugar-coated violets are a rare delicacy, mostly found in Madrid. They’re a bit pricey and have a very sophisticated packaging aesthetic, so you probably won’t be handing them out to all the neighborhood kids when you have these candies at the Halloween Festival.

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