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According to Miao women, the headdress of the ancestors can increase their self-confidence and make them look beautiful. Reported Global Timesthis traditional headdress is combined with wool, linen and a bit of ancestral hair. Some of the ancestral hair that is not made a headdress is stored and used to commemorate the day of his death. The women also store and collect strands after strands of hair that fall out while combing.

2. Chhaupadi Tradition, Nepal

Chhaupadi is a tradition that forces women to Nepal to do things that are often painful. This tradition, which has its roots in rural Nepal, encourages women who are menstruating or menstruating to live in isolation and torture in huts for religious and customary reasons. According to the Nepali language, Chhaupadi means having uncleanness. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Women who are menstruating or in the puerperium will live in separate places in the form of huts known as menstrual huts.

3. The Traditions of the Tiv Tribe, Nigeria

The Tiv tribe residing in Nigeria it has a unique tradition of marking the maturity of a woman in her area. To mark maturity, the girls in this tribe have to undergo a belly-slicing ritual. This ritual is performed when a girl gets her first period. The girls’ stomachs were slashed with a sharp object which caused several nicks in the form of longitudinal lines. When carrying out these rituals, they are not accompanied by anesthetics or medical measures to prevent infection. The girl can only be called an adult woman when she already has approximately four incisions in her stomach. In addition to signaling maturity, these incisions are believed to increase the fertility of the girl. It is said that these cuts helped them become more attractive in the eyes of men.

4. The Leblouh Tradition in West Africa

Many men judge that beautiful women have white skin, sharp noses, and slim bodies. However, unlike the men in Mauritania, Africa The West, who considers women with large bodies to appear more beautiful and attractive. Men in this country really glorify women who have a fat body. This is referred to by the adage embedded there which states, “The glory of a man is measured by the fatness of a woman,”. Unlike in other countries that glorify thin women, women who have large weights in this country are considered beautiful. This tradition is known as Leblouh or forced fattening. They will be forced to eat and fatten for the sake of beauty.
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