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The Dieng Plateau area was suddenly busy being discussed on social media. Apparently, this is due to the viral appearance of the phenomenon of ice dew crystals or upas dew there. This then made #Dieng trending on Twitter and was discussed virally for more than 13 thousand tweets, you guys! The Dieng area, which is located in Wonosobo, Central Java, has long been a prime tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty. One of the hunted there, among others, waiting for the sun to rise behind a blanket of fog and clouds.

When visiting there, you can also stop by these 7 beautiful natural tourist destinations around Dieng, you know!

1. Arjuna Temple

If you like historical tours, then you really have to come to Arjuna Temple when you are around Dieng. Arjuna Temple itself is a complex of Mataram kingdom heritage located in Dieng Kulon, Batur District, Banjarnegara.

2. Sikidang Crater

Shifting a little from the Arjuna Temple area, you can find an exotic crater, namely Sikidang Crater. The crater, which was formed from the activity of the Dieng volcano, turns out to have a unique story that is already popular among people traveler you know! Reportedly, the location of Sikidang Crater is often moving. Previously, the point of this crater was near the entrance, but until now the point of the crater has often moved. For this reason, this crater was then given the name Sikidang, which means deer or deer.

3. Pangonan Savanna

If you want to go to natural attractions around Dieng which are still empty of visitors, then Savana Pangonan is one of the choices. This savanna is indeed a new natural tourist destination in Dieng and is not yet widely known by tourists. It is located in Dieng Kulon, Karangsari Hamlet, Batur, Banjarnegara.

4. Pengilon Lake

Besides being famous for its mountainous tourism, Dieng also turns out to have various interesting lakes to visit, one of which is Pengilon Lake. This lake is located in Dieng Wetan, Kejajar, Wonosobo. Pengilon itself has the meaning of a glass or glass place. The name turned out to be suitable for the appearance of the water in Pengilon Lake which is widely called as clear as glass. Try it here, come on!

5. Color Lake

If you have an entrance ticket that is a package with the Pengilon Lake tour, you can also go directly to Telaga Warna. Know no, if the name Telaga Warna was given because of the unique phenomenon that occurred in this lake.

In Telaga Warna, you can find water in colors that often change. Starting from green, yellow, even colorful like a rainbow. It turns out, the high sulfur content in this lake which is reflected by the sun’s rays is what makes the water look colorful

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