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Jember is a regency in East Java, this regency has a million charms and amazing natural panoramas and there are still many hidden, so there are still many people who don’t know about it. the beauty and interesting places in Jember. Do you know that Jember has many cool tourist spots, ranging from cultural sites, historical sites, photo spots for contemporary photos, beaches, hills, to waterfalls that are very pleasing to the eye and you should explore immediately.

If you plan to visit or have a vacation to Jember, this district offers quite a lot of tourist options for you to visit. So far, Jember has rarely been heard of as a cool place to vacation, but in fact Jember also has many cool natural attractions that are not inferior to tourism in Semarang, Jogja or other big regencies, you know! Come on, let’s take a closer look at the interesting destinations in Jember!

1. Tanjung Papuma Beach

When visiting Jember, it is really mandatory to take a moment to enjoy the exoticism of Tanjung Papuma Beach on this one. A beach that not many people know about. The beauty of the beach with white sand that is still clean, the waves to the natural atmosphere that is so reassuring provide an extraordinary experience when spending time here.

There are many exciting activities you can do to spend time here, from swimming at the beach to diving to explore the beauty of the coral reefs. You can also rent a boat to find cool diving spots.

However, to reach this one beach, it takes a struggle, guys. Access roads that are not yet friendly make not many people want to bother going to this beautiful beach on the coast of the city of Jember. Like other tourist attractions in Jember, this destination is also equipped with cleaning facilities to villas that can be rented if you want to enjoy a beautiful night here.

2. Wana Wisata Simbat

Do you like hunting for instagramable photo spots? If so, then this tourist spot in Jember must be included in the must-visit list. Wana Wisata Simbat is the name, not only presenting stunning natural charm but also exciting destinations with interesting spots. In addition to selfies in the current photo spots, you can also try exciting activities in this place such as flying fox for example. Adequate facilities make this destination also increasingly favored by the mountains who come.

3. Love Bay

Want to enjoy a contemporary tour that really hits Jember? Don’t miss to stop by Love Bay. So called because the bay has an unusual shape and when viewed from a distance looks like an icon of ‘love’ or love. No wonder this tourist spot in Jember is immediately in demand by many people who are curious about its beauty. Like most beaches on the southern coast of Java, this bay also has big waves so you have to be extra careful if you want to explore it more closely.

4. Peak S89

The contours of the region that are traversed by mountain ranges make Jember have stunning nature. One of them is Peak S89 which will present the cool landscape of the city of Jember, also Mount Argopuro on the other side and Mount Raung which is stunning from above. Even though the distance and road access are challenging, the charm offered will make anyone not disappointed. Especially for traveling fans and hunters of instagramable photo spots, this place deserves to be a must-visit tourist destination. Especially when waiting for the sunset, it’s a phenomenon that should not be wasted.

5. Sukorambi Botanical Garden

Do you like tourist attractions with the concept of an eco green park? Jember also has, you know. Located in Sukorambi, this tourist spot in Jember will invite you to explore and learn about nature in a fun and enjoyable way. Starting from learning hydroponic techniques directly with the experts, getting to know wildlife and farm animals, then having fun playing in the tree house to playing in the rainbow pool. Of course there are many more things that can be explored in this Botanical Garden, for example, beautiful instagramable spots that are a shame if you don’t take a moment to take a selfie. No wonder spending a vacation in this place will feel very short.

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