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If you have beautiful coffee in an instagramable place, it’s normal. But, what happens if you have a beautiful coffee accompanied by a group of beautiful fish? It might sound strange, but You will find this unique view when you are on vacation to Vietnamese. Amix Cafe is the name, this unique cafe offers customers the sensation of enjoying a cup of coffee with fish swimming around their feet.

The unique idea to manage this cafe came from the idea of ​​the owner Nguyen Duoc Hoa, 23, who opened the business in June 2017. The goal is to show something different from other cafes in Vietnam. He needs 5,000 liters of water on each floor and must keep it clean. They use a filtration system and an air pump to keep the water clear, changing a quarter of the water every 12 hours to keep it clean. Before visitors enter the cafe, they must take off their shoes and wash their feet first.

The first floor contains hundreds of small fish. While the 2nd floor contains 20 Japanese fish weighing 300grams each. The owner said that families and children are the cafe’s main targets, and he reminded parents to keep an eye on their children so as not to chase the fish swimming in the pond. How? Interested in stopping by with your family and loved ones to Amix Cafe?

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