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When it comes to Bali, it’s definitely not far from the beauty of its beaches, nightclubs that are scattered in almost every corner of the city, or instagramable cafes. It’s not wrong if Bali is the most popular destination when on vacation. But you know what, Balinese cuisine is no less iconic and miss you! Contrary to the assumption that a vacation to Bali has to cost a lot of money, you can try almost all of the typical Balinese food recommended by Nusatrip at a very affordable price. Let’s discuss further, what kind of culinary is it?

1. Balinese Mixed Rice

Talking about Balinese food, Nasi Campur Bali is one of the most often “hunted” by travelers. As the name implies, Nasi Campur (or commonly known as Nasi Rames) is basically rice with various side dishes and vegetables. Well, for Nasi Campur Bali, usually what is served is rice and shredded meat, lawar or urap, and wrapped satay. Sometimes also equipped with pieces of boiled eggs and fried peanuts. Don’t forget the sambal matah too!

2. Chicken Betutu

Ayam Betutu is a typical culinary from Gilimanuk, in the form of chicken cooked with spicy spices for a long time, resulting in a tender and spicy chicken dish. This special food is one of the most you should not miss while on vacation to Bali, especially for those of you who like spicy food. Although originally from Gilimanuk, you can find betutu chicken in many places on the island of Bali, especially in tourist areas like South Bali, guys.

3. Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit is another Balinese food that is quite unique because the meat used is chopped first, then wrapped around a stick from a bamboo stick or even on a lemongrass stalk! It tastes amazingly delicious, and is one of the other Balinese culinary delights that you really must enjoy while on vacation to Bali. Like lawar and sambal matah, Sate Lilit is also very easy to find, especially at mixed rice stalls. You can even enjoy it at restaurants like Bebek Tepi Sawah or Bebek Bengil in Ubud.

4. Pindang Sauce Rujak

Rujak is not a typical Balinese food, but rujak with pindang sauce? Well, that’s just typical! This Rujak Kuah Pindang is unique because it is not served with the usual rujak seasoning, but with a spicy tuna fish sauce. The filling is like regular rujak, like sliced ​​young mango or other fruit. Wow, are you curious about the unique taste?

5. Fried Rice

At first glance, Nasi Tepeng does look like ordinary mixed rice. Usually served with young jackfruit, fried chicken, long beans, or eggs and wrapped in banana leaves. But there is something unique about the preparation and presentation of the rice: the nasi tepeng is made with coconut milk and spices such as turmeric, bay leaf, and salt. Then after being served, the tepeng rice will be doused with special spices and grated coconut. Newly equipped with side dishes. What’s unique is that the texture of nasi tepeng is not hard like nasi uduk, but soft. This special food comes from Gianyar, so if you are going to Gianyar, for example, when visiting Bali Safari Parkyou can while hunting for Nasi Tepeng too!

6. Tipat Blayag

Tipat Blayag is a typical Balinese food from Buleleng, in the form of ketupat made using palm or palm leaves, then served with urap, shredded chicken, boiled eggs, or even wrapped satay. Then this mixture is doused with a special sauce.

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