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Belitung is indeed famous for its beautiful beaches with beautiful rocks and makes you chuckle when you visit it.

But apart from going to the beach, there are many other things you can do while on a trip to Belitung, you know! Here are 7 of the best things you must do when traveling to Belitung:

1. See the Laskar Pelangi film collection at the Andrea Hirata Kata Museum

The Andrea Hirata Kata Museum is the first literature museum in Indonesia, you know. Yes, in this museum you can see the Laskar Pelangi film collection and also various works by Andrea Hirata. Here you will find a wide variety of works by Andrea Hirata. Various displays of frames with words by Andrea Hirata are here. For those of you who love literature, this place is highly recommended. In addition, it is also suitable for spending vacation time with family.

2. Take a trip to Kaolin Lake

When you go to Belitung, you also have to take a trip to Kaolin Lake, a lake that has a clean white land color and bright blue water. This lake is formed from a former Kaolin mining site that has been abandoned and nature has perfected its beauty. Kaolin itself is a mineral as an industrial ingredient such as cosmetics, paper, food, and toothpaste.

Located in Air Raya Village, Tanjung Pandan, this lake is suitable for those of you who like photography. In addition, you can also swim here. Its mineral content can absorb excess oil and make your skin smooth.

3. Visiting Laskar Pelangi Elementary School

This place became so popular thanks to its films and novels which also exploded in the market. From the novels and films and tv series Laskar Pelangi, this replica of Laskar Pelangi Elementary School was finally built and became a place that continues to be developed in Belitung. Starting from celebrities, countless national figures who come to this place. To get to this location you have to travel almost 2 hours from Belitung airport.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of Belitung Beach from Lengkuas Island

This galangal island does have extraordinary beauty, white sand with clear blue water allows us to enjoy the bottom of the beach on the island of galangal. This collection of giant granite boulders on the galangal beach also captures the exoticism of the beach on the island of galangal. This island is located in the north of the island of Belitung. To get here, you only need to travel a distance of about 30 minutes by crossing this island. This island is synonymous with a lighthouse towering in the middle of the island. The existence of this lighthouse has been around since 1882. From the top of this lighthouse you can enjoy beautiful views of the beaches in Belitung from a height.

5. Swim at Tanjung Tinggi Beach

One of the proud beaches of Belitung Regency is Tanjung Tinggi Beach, which is located 30 Km from the center of Tanjung Pandan City. This beach is synonymous with white sand, clear sea water, and super large granite rocks. The waves on this beach are also relatively calm. So you can swim without having to be afraid of being carried away by the waves.

6. Tasting Belitung’s Typical Culinary “Mie Belitung Atep”

If you are on a culinary tour to Belitung Island, don’t forget to stop by for Mie Belitung Atep in Tanjungpandan City. Mie Belitung is yellow noodles doused in shrimp sauce and sprinkled with prawn bakwan, cucumber slices, boiled potato chunks, boiled shrimp, melinjo chips and bean sprouts. It’s great to enjoy while it’s still warm! In addition to eating on the spot, many customers also bought up Mie Belitung Atep to take back to their hometown to be used as souvenirs.

7. Shop for typical Belitung souvenirs

It’s incomplete if you don’t bring home typical Belitung souvenirs. Various snacks, including processed fish, are the most sought after by tourists. Besides being souvenirs, you can also sample them on your way home. You can visit Jalan Achmad Rosidi Hamzah (Kampung Bintang) to hunt for souvenirs, there are pastries, kemplang, keretek, kericu, almonds and cashews. Other superior souvenir products such as pelawan honey, shark fin, toadstool/mushroom, fish belly, shrimp paste, rusip, kecalok, ebi, sambel lingkung and swallow’s nest can also be your choice.

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