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Mother figure is certainly an extraordinary person for all of us. After spending almost all of his time looking after & taking care of you, how about you take your beloved mother to travel to a different destination amazing & unforgettable? Yups, after everything she’s done for you, make this the year that you treat her to a special getaway. In addition to making your mother happy, you also have quality time both right? Well, here’s a list of the 8 best destinations you can visit with mom!

1. Prague

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You can visit this beautiful and romantic city from the capital of the Czech Republic. Guaranteed to be an unforgettable destination. Prague is one of the most unique cities in Europe, guys, this is because of the historical traces of the medieval period that are still attached to this day. So, it is easy for you to find buildings with beautiful architectural styles, streets made of cobblestones, old churches, to medieval-style cafes and bars. In Prague, there is no season that is not beautiful, but there is nothing wrong if you take your mother when winter approaches. Because here, you and your mother will enjoy piles of white snow and decorations with New Year’s nuances that dominate almost all corners of the city.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

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Looking at the beautiful panorama of the typical rock clusters from a height with loved ones is the most precious vacation moment. Cappacodocia can be one of the recommended destinations that you should try while on vacation with Mom. Here, you can take a hot air balloon ride in the golden sky at sunrise or sunset. Eits! Don’t forget to capture the moment, so prepare your best style!

3. New Zealand

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Traveling in this country is one of the dreams of many people, because here visitors can find a tourist paradise with stunning beauty. It’s true, accommodation prices are not cheap to go to New Zealand, but there’s nothing wrong, you know, you start saving from now on! Nothing is impossible right? In New Zealand, you and your beloved mother can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without any distractions. There are many destinations that you and your mother can visit while in New Zealand, such as Lake Taupo, Auckland Art Gallery, Wanaka Lavender Farm, Domain Wintergardens, to the Wellington Botanical Gardens. You two can also relax and enjoy white wine & oysters delicious here, you know.

4. Ubud, Bali

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Taking your beloved mother for a staycation while releasing fatigue and enjoying the soothing expanse of rice fields & hills can be an unforgettable experience, & Ubud is the right destination. Ubud has a cool & peaceful atmosphere that makes anyone who visits it will feel calm. There are many interesting ideas that you and your mother can do together in Ubud. Like exploring the village by riding a bicycle, planning a spa agenda and enjoying various relaxing treatments from head to toe to restore energy & freshness to his body.

5. Kyoto, Japan

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Imagining seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming with your mother is certainly a memorable holiday experience. And of course, the best destination to see Sakura flowers is in Japan. April is the most awaited month in Japan because it is the time for cherry blossoms to bloom. Almost all residents in Japan will celebrate Hanami, which is the ritual of watching cherry blossoms bloom with friends/family & Kyoto is the most favorite choice. You can take mom on a picnic together and mingle with local residents while bringing snacks & spreading out picnic mats in the Ryoanji Temple area in local parks.

6. Chatucack, Thailand

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If this one destination, I’m sure you’re not the only one who likes it. Your mom will love it too! What woman doesn’t love shopping? Hey.. confess. Moreover, visiting a shopping paradise. Well, this one destination can be a choice of place for you to visit with Mom. Yups, Chatuchack Weekend Market in Thailand is one of the best shopping destinations. The reason is, here selling various types of goods ranging from various culinary, clothing, books, art and galleries, antiques, home decoration, souvenirs, plants to various animals. So get ready for your and your mom’s shopping desires to be fulfilled!

7. Jeju Island, South Korea

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Are you & Mom both Korean movie/drama lovers? There’s nothing wrong with making Jeju Island as a tourist destination for the two of you. Jeju Island is indeed increasingly famous throughout the world because it is often used as a shooting location for both Korean dramas and films such as the drama “Secret Garden”, “Daeng Jang Geum” to the phenomenal drama “Princess Hours”. Some of the mandatory places for you and your mother to visit while on Jeju Island include, Seongsang Ilchul-bong Peak, Hallasan Mountain, Seongeup Folk Village, Seopjikoji, Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Olle Trail, and Manjang-gul Cave.

8. Maldives

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Spending time together in a beautiful place & away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city with loved ones is certainly an unforgettable experience. That is why the Maldives can be one of your choice of vacation destinations with Mom. Located in the northeastern part of Sri Lanka, you & Mom will be greeted by the beauty of white sand, crystal clear water of colorful coral reefs. Not only that, the two of you can spend time together enjoying some of the beach activities, ranging from canoeing, snorkeling, scuba/just trying this typical kepualan massage & spa. Hm.. How? Interested?

Those are some destinations that you can add to your bucket list for traveling with Mom. Wherever the destination is, the moment with Mom will be a special moment for sure! You don’t need to be confused about flight tickets & hotels, because NusaTrip always has a solution for you. Presenting various ticket & hotel deals at the best prices. So, it can be conditioned & adjusted to the budget you have!

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