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Nude 6 Hours of Filming Nightmare Alley, Bradley Cooper swears

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PeekCeleb – Bradley Cooper starred in the movie Nightmare Alley. Unexpectedly, Bradley did a wild scene that shocked the audience and fans.

How not, Bradley Cooper bravely did nude scenes for 6 hours nonstop. What will it be like? Scroll Come on for the article below!

Naked 6 Hours Nonstop


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Bradley Cooper’s struggles starring in the movie Nightmare Alley deserves thumbs up. Not without reason, there is a scene where Bradley has to be completely naked with his co-star on the set for 6 hours non-stop.

quote NY Daily News On January 19, 2022, Bradley Cooper shot a short nude scene in the film Nightmare Alley. Although the duration is short, Bradley Cooper actually had to be completely naked in front of the crew who served for six hours without clothes. He admitted that it was quite difficult to do this.

β€œIt was like, ‘Whoa’. That’s pretty heavy,” said Bradley Cooper PeekCeleb from NY Daily News on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

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