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Now You Can Recreate The Batman Logo Using Any Word or Phrases

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Only a few days left, superhero movie fans can already watch one of the highly anticipated films, namely The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. This latest Batman movie has one of the best marketing campaigns that Warner Bros. has ever undertaken. With most of the posters having an epic red and black color scheme and being the theme of the promotion. Whereas the film’s logo, in particular, is particularly memorable considering the Bat-Symbol injected into the center of the blocky font of the same color tone. Now to add to the enthusiasm of fans, WB allows Batman fans to be able to write their own names in The Batman style font.

The process is quite simple thanks to the website batname. All you have to do is type your name and then it is automatically processed in the movie font for you. The rugged red color combined with the sturdy black Bat-Symbol is proof that any letter combination is 100% cooler in this Batman style. The website also gives you the option to download your personal logo, so you can print it, frame it, and add it to your own Batcave or Batman collection. The possibilities are truly endless with this logo maker, so why stop with just your name?

Posters and color schemes for modern big blockbusters are pretty important, and they also need to be memorable. However, in an industry full of generic cool poster designs, The Batman quite successfully to break all conventional styles, and it all starts with an ultra-stylized logo and an unnaturally euphoric color scheme. You can see Batman posters from thousands of miles away. Such is the eye-catching color and all the marketing materials with the scheme have been etched in the minds of moviegoers for the past year or so.

Matt Reeves will bring to life one of the earliest versions of Batman ever seen on the big screen, and with that comes a much more down to earth version of the character than depicted in other films. The film is raw, dark and quite wild, and the potential future of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and his world is promising.

The Batman

The Batman jalso starring Paul Dano as The Riddler, Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon, and Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham district attorney Gil Colson. Matt Reeves directed the film using a screenplay co-written with Peter Craig. The film is not connected to the DCEU and is set in a standalone universe meant to launch a separate film series and several spin-offs.

And specifically for Indonesia, this film will be released earlier, namely on March 2, 2022, compared to the main release which falls on March 4.

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