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Now a Drama Actor, Kim Yohan Admits He Wasn’t At First Interested In Acting

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Kim Yohan debuted on the small screen in 2020 by being an extra in Zombie Detective. His acting began to get the spotlight when he played the main character in A Love So Beautiful.

In an interview with detikcom recently, Kim Yohan initially admitted that he was not interested in becoming an actor. But because convinced by the director of A Love So Beautiful, he began to dare to try.

“At first I was not interested in becoming an actor. But the director of A Love So Beautiful gave me good words of encouragement,” said Kim Yohan.

“He also helped me to be interested in going into acting through his words. So I became interested when filming began,” he explained.

After A Love So Beautiful, Kim Yohan’s role in School 2021 also received a very good response. The drama is now entering its final episode.

Kim Yohan Photo: (doc. WEi)

Regarding his role as Gong Ki Joon, Kim Yohan admitted that he did not encounter too many difficulties. Moreover, he was helped a lot by the director and other actors who competed with him.

“I guess I didn’t have too much trouble playing the role. Because the collaboration with other actors and the director was very good,” said Kim Yohan.

“I also added a number of ad-libs, but the director also helped me. So I was really able to enjoy shooting time,” he added.

In the midst of his busy shooting schedule, Kim Yohan took the time to record. He has just released the album Illusion and hopes to be able to meet directly with fans, especially in Indonesia.

“The current situation is not so good that I can’t meet with fans. Even in a situation like this, there are still many fans who support me from afar so that I can continue to work,” said Kim Yohan.

“I hope there will be a day where we can meet soon. I hope until now to meet, stay healthy, okay! I will always try to show the best side of myself. So look forward to my activities in the future. Thank you!” the lid.

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