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Note! Avoid Consuming These 6 Foods and Drinks If You Don’t Want Your Brain Intelligence To Decrease

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Notice food intake consumed become part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to keeping the body in shape, adjusting your diet is a way to get certain benefits, such as maintaining skin beauty, curing certain diseases, or losing weight.

Even if you’re not on a diet, you still have to pay attention to your diet, Beauties. You have to be careful because there are many foods that are often consumed that can actually reduce brain intelligenceyou know.

Curious What foods can reduce brain intelligence?? Come on, take a peek at the following list!

Food Too sweet

High Sugar Food Illustration/ Photo: Canva/Bronywyn Bell

Foods that are too sweet have often been taboo by nutritionists. For all ages and genders, foods that contain high sugar can be very harmful to health. In addition to the threat of diabetes and obesity, it turns out that excess sugar or high fructose consumption can have an impact on decreasing memory function, learning abilities and impairing memory, Beauties.

High sugar will interfere with the formation of neurons and insulin resistance in the brain. In addition, the page Calm Clinic also mentions that excessive sugar consumption can aggravate one’s anxiety condition.

Food High in Trans Fat

Food Illustration High in Trans Fat/ Photo: Canva/rodeopix
Food Illustration High in Trans Fat/ Photo: Canva/rodeopix

Trans fat or unsaturated fat is a source of disease that must be avoided. Unfortunately, not many are aware that trans fats are actually present in everyday food processing. For example, trans fats are produced as hydrogenated vegetable oils such as margarine, frozen foods, packaged pastries, snacks with preservatives, and so on.

People who often consume large amounts of trans fats are very susceptible to cognitive decline and brain volume shrinkage. The worst risk, memory can decline fatally to have Alzheimer’s.


Alcoholic Drink Illustration/ Photo: Canva/Isabella Mendes
Alcoholic Drink Illustration/ Photo: Canva/Isabella Mendes

Avoiding alcohol consumption is mandatory if you don’t want your brain intelligence to decline. This is because alcohol has a very significant impact on brain performance, Beauties.

Quoted from the page Hazelden Betty Ford FoundationAlcohol works by blocking chemical signals between neurons that lead to memory loss, sluggish reflexes, slurred speech and decreased consciousness. Heavy drinking or ‘binge drinking’ can be fatal by disrupting a person’s emotional sensitivity and difficulty communicating with others.

Mercury in Fish

Illustration of Fish Containing Mercury/ Photo: Canva/olenayeromenkophotos
Illustration of Fish Containing Mercury/ Photo: Canva/olenayeromenkophotos

Fish that is obtained and processed in the right way saves a million benefits when consumed. However, be careful with the possibility of fish containing mercury, yes, Beauties. Fish that have a high mercury content are usually marine fish that are classified as wild.

For long-term consumption, fish containing mercury can cause poisoning to death. Meanwhile, in larger portions, small mercury fish can lead to a decrease in intelligence.

When exposed to mercury, harmful substances will be concentrated in the brain, liver, and kidneys. Reporting from the detikEdu page, ingested mercury can interfere with the nervous system and neurotransmitters. This can stimulate neurotoxins that can cause damage to the brain.

Soft drink

Fizzy Drinks Illustration/ Photo: Canva/DenisMARt
Fizzy Drinks Illustration/ Photo: Canva/DenisMARt

No doubt, soda is a very refreshing drink if enjoyed on a hot day. But, did you know that drinking too much soda will make it hard to focus?

Based on published research European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, Fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners or aspartame which have a negative effect on memory. Facts revealed Framingham Heart Study also revealed that aspartame causes brain volume and size of the hippocampus to decrease, where the hippocampus is an area of ​​the brain that is important for learning and remembering.

Junk food

Junkfood Illustration/ Photo: Canva/ninafersova
Junkfood Illustration/ Photo: Canva/ninafersova

Junk food often a fun option for culinary connoisseurs. Not only because of the many processed food options to choose from, junk food easy to find and has its own additive sensation.

Neuroscientist from RMIT University, Dr. Amy Reichelt, suggests that junk food is a food that is not only bad for the health of the body, but also for brain development. Quoted from the page RMIT.edudopamine that is produced as a result of eating junk food This is what causes addiction.

In fact, the more substances in junk food consumed, the higher the risk of swelling of brain cells that can damage the brain, especially the hippocampus. As a result, the brain’s ability to learn becomes hampered.

That’s a list of foods and drinks that can reduce brain intelligence as well as endanger health. Even if you don’t want to follow certain dietary trends, it’s still a good idea to choose healthy foods to avoid dangerous risks.

Stay careful and wise in choosing what you consume, yes, Beauties!


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