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NOICE Live, Live Audio Feature Made in Indonesia

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Along with the increasing growth of digital media consumption, people are increasingly looking for alternatives to a variety of quality entertainment content. The variety of content, of course, does not only come from videos or films, but also audio content which is currently still the prima donna. In the past maybe there was only radio, now entertainment in the format of audio content is increasingly developing into broadcast chats or podcasts, to book summaries in audiobook format.

Listening to audio content gives a different feel because it makes it easier for us to enjoy entertainment without looking at the screen (screenless moment), while still doing various activities or multitasking such as driving, doing homework, or studying. However, what would happen if we could interact and ‘chat’ directly with our favorite content creators? This excitement is being echoed by the local audio streaming platform NOICE, through its newest interactive feature, NOICE Live.

Since its launch in 2018, the NOICE audio content platform has only taken a short time to ‘disrupt’ the audio content industry in Indonesia, as evidenced by the more than 1 billion minutes that users have spent listening to audio content on the NOICE application to date.

Towards the end of 2021, NOICE is back with a breakthrough with the latest live audio feature, NOICE Live. It is recorded that now more than 1 million users can interact directly with their favorite creators on NOICE through this interactive feature. The creators are not limited to podcasters who have worked at NOICE, but also artists and public figures, radio broadcasters, musicians, to experts who want to share knowledge. This is because NOICE Live raises various interesting local topics from small talk, comedy, music, to chats about business and the latest issues every day.

NOICE CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Rado Ardian explained, “Since its launch, we have continued to see the enthusiasm of NOICE users for the NOICE Live feature, and we are optimistic that this feature will continue to receive attention from users. Listeners can enjoy a new way to interact directly with creators, artists, musicians or experts in an interesting discussion room that can be done through comments or even live chat with each other in real time. This feature can be enjoyed by the wider community, anyone, inclusively, without the need for an invitation. We hope that users now have a wider choice of audio content in the formats they like in one hand.”

Ease of Interacting & Building Community Through Live Audio

The NOICE Live feature strengthens the interactivity in the NOICE application to provide the best experience in listening to audio content. Previously, NOICE also had various interactive features that made it easy for Paranoice – as NOICE’s loyal listeners are called – to interact with their favorite creators or podcasters such as comments, follow, direct messages, share and many others. Now, these features can also be accessed to make interactivity in NOICE Live even more interesting. Not only commenting in writing through comments, listeners can also be used as speakers so they can feel the opportunity to interact directly with the host and other resource persons like chatting side by side.

The way to access NOICE Live is very easy, just download the NOICE application on the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iOS users. Then you can sign up by registering your email or mobile number and then signing in. The NOICE Live feature can easily be found on the app’s homepage, with a view of a series of available rooms. Users can choose the desired room to join according to the topic, time, and host respectively. Users can also use the ‘Remind Me’ feature so as not to miss the room schedule on NOICE Live.

In addition, content creators who want to be hosted on NOICE Live can schedule rooms at the desired time or create rooms instantly. Through NOICE Live, content creators can develop creativity in creating interesting content to maintain listener loyalty. One room can accommodate more than 2,000 listeners simultaneously.

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A number of well-known public figures and influencers have opened their rooms on NOICE Live.

Call it the boyband UN1TY who interacted with their fans in the NOICE Live room, which at that time more than 1,000 people joined in it. No less exciting, the former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia who is also an entrepreneur, Wishnutama Kusubandio, also enlivened NOICE Live through his room by inviting a talented young politician guest star, Tsamara Amany. And recently, entrepreneur Raymond Chin, also held an interactive session on NOICE Live for a social project about entrepreneurship that he initiated. Generally, the evening around 20.00 is the most ideal time to start a room on NOICE Live because most users listen to audio content on the NOICE application at that time.

Considering NOICE’s goal to contribute to the growth of the audio content industry in Indonesia, the presence of this live audio feature is very promising considering that this feature can complement other multi-vertical sectors to grow as part of the audio content ecosystem. On the other hand, on various occasions NOICE continues to voice the company’s commitment to support the journey of content creators in developing their work. Not only support from the facility side, but also to promote their work. One of the interesting strategies adopted by NOICE is to ensure that listeners receive regular, scheduled, consistent curation of live audio programs in terms of content quality.

Listening to your favorite creators’ chats with exciting discussion topics on NOICE Live is like treating the longing for chatting or ‘hanging out’ with friends whose frequency will definitely decrease during this pandemic. Listening to audio content is a theater of mind, listeners can smile and laugh just by imagining when listening to the conversations of their favorite content creators. On the other hand, we want content creators and brands to have the opportunity to build and find their community on the NOICE platform. In the long term, we hope that NOICE can open up new jobs in this industry and prove that being an audio content creator can be something that many people aspire to be..” NOICE’s CBO (Chief Business Officer) said, Niken Sasmaya

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