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No need to go to Europe, just watch the Dieng Culture Romantic Festival

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Prepare yourself from now on. This festival starts next August

The Dieng Plateau is the second most popular highland in Indonesia in the 2016 Anugerah Pesona Indonesia event on September 16, 2016. This plateau holds an extraordinary natural charm. Dieng Culture Festival will be back and Jazz Atas Cloud will be held this year, 4-6 August 2017 to be exact at Arjuna Temple Complex, Dieng Plateau.

This festival is organized by the Dieng Pokdarwis Community. Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) is famous as a cultural festival held annually in the land above the clouds. DCF itself contains stories of remnants of past civilizations in the land above the clouds of Dieng. This festival is packaged in a beautiful performance with a romantic feel. The romantic nuance here can be seen from the combination of the cool cool atmosphere at night with the dim light that soothes the heart.

There are hundreds of lanterns flying, reminiscent of ancient fairy tales. Suitable for those who are in love. Apart from your partner, you can visit DCF with your family and friends. The series of events looks perfect showing the combination of natural beauty, cultural uniqueness, and the friendliness of the people. Jazz above the clouds is an event that is included in the Dieng Culture Festival. Why is it called Jazz music show above the clouds?

This is because this music festival is held on the second largest plateau in the world, at an altitude of 2093 meters above sea level, higher than the Cumulus Cloud. In addition, it is also known as jazz kemul sarong because it is held at night in July-August where the temperature is like on the European continent, approximately 4 degrees. Celsiusthe audience was forced to cover the sarong to warm the body.

For those of you outside the city of Wonosobo-Banjarnegara who are interested in seeing DCF, many ask how to get to Dieng. The way to Dieng is enough simple. If you use a private vehicle, just open the Google Map application to direct you to Dieng. If you use public transportation, the important thing is that you arrive at Wonosobo first, from Wonosobo continue looking for a microbus to Dieng. Microbuses are very easy to find in urban Wonosobo. If you are still confused, you can ask the local people.

Of course, for those of you who come from out of town, you need a place stay comfortable while in Dieng. You certainly don’t want to be cold and stranded in cold temperatures. So you should look for lodging in advance.

The number of visitors to Jazz Atas Cloud / Dieng Culture Festival is always increasing. In 2016 it was recorded that there were 120 thousand visitors who packed the Dieng Plateau area. It is estimated that visitors in 2017 will reach the same number, maybe even more.

Jazz Show Above the Clouds That Moves the Soul

Jazz Above the Clouds

According to the agenda, on Friday, August 4, 2017 DCF will start. Starting at 09.00 there will be an exhibition of creative products or SMEs and special culinary which will be held in the courtyard of the Suharto-Withlam Building and the main stage yard. At the same time, tickets for DCF 2017 participants were exchanged at the organizer’s secretariat, the Suharto-Withlam Building courtyard.

At 10.00-11.00 the opening ceremony of DCF 2017 will begin in the parking lot east of the Suharto-Withlam Building. After that, around 14.00-17.00, the Culinary Festival & Bazzar for creative products or SMEs again continued. Arrive in the evening at 19.30-23.00 there will be a Jazz show above the clouds whose guest stars are still kept secret. In 2016 the surprise guest star at DCF was Anji. The Jazz Festival will reverberate to fill the grandly prepared main stage.

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The Lantern Festival is like being in a fairy tale

No need to go to Europe, just watch the Dieng Culture Romantic FestivalDieng Culture Festival Lantern Festival

The second day of DCF Saturday, August 5, 2017 will start very early at 04.00-06.00 with the first agenda to see the sunrise at various mountain peaks in the Dieng plateau. Various tourist sites sunrise in the Dieng plateau (Sikunir, Pangonan, & Sekuter). sunrise seen from here is sunrise most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

At 08.00-12.00, you can go around tourist sites in the Arjuna Temple Area, Sikidang Crater, and Telaga Warna. With a note for Free DCF ticket holders enter the tourist sites of Sikidang Crater, Telaga Warna & Arjuna Temple Area.

At 13.00-16.00, various traditional art performances & the Caping Gunung Festival are presented on the cultural stage and the main stage. DCF participants are expected to use the cap provided by the committee.

In the evening, 19.30-20.30, the Gembel Children’s Ballet will be staged on the main stage. After the ballet was over, the most awaited moment arrived, at 20.30-21.30 the Lantern Festival was held on the main stage. Hundreds to thousands of lanterns will be flown together. The light of the lanterns will fill the country’s sky above the clouds at night. DCF participants will fly the lanterns that have been provided by the committee together.

At 21.30-23.00 there is still an acoustic music performance on the main stage to accompany your mind to relax for a moment from various routines. There is one more event to close that should not be missed on the second day of DCF, namely the Fireworks Festival at 23.00-23.30.

Ruwat Gembel Hair Ceremony Preserves Ancestral Culture

No need to go to Europe, just watch the Dieng Culture Romantic FestivalGembel

Sunday, August 6 2017, the third day of DCF was the last day of the series of events. At 07.00-08.00 you can watch the Carnival of Gembel Children and the Carnival of Culture start start at the house of the traditional holder and finish in the courtyard of the Suharto-Withlam Building.

At 08.00-09.00 the Jamasan Hair Gembel Children Ceremony was held at Sasana Dharmasala, Arjuna Temple Complex. Furthermore, at 09.00-12.00, the Gembel Children’s Hair Shaving Ceremony will be held at the Arjuna Temple Complex, Dieng. This ceremony is held with the fulfillment of the child’s wishes before shaving. If the child’s wishes are not fulfilled, it is believed that the tangled hair will grow again and become sickly.

At 12.00-16.00, various traditional arts and Wayang Ruwat performances are held on the main stage and cultural stage. Do you want to enjoy this festival? If interested, prepare yourself from now on. Don’t forget to bring important items, namely warm clothes and a camera to capture this exciting moment.

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