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Nike Closes All Stores and Stops Sales of Its Products in Russia

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In addition to Nike, globally recognized companies such as IKEA, H&M, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Ford, and Shell have also suspended operations in Russia in response to the Russia-Ukraine war.

IKEA said it was closing all stores in Russia and Russia’s ally, Belarus. This decision has an impact on about 15 thousand employees who lost their jobs. But the company admits it is likely to continue to pay employees in the near future.

“The war had a huge humanitarian impact and resulted in serious disruptions to supply chains and trading conditions, which is why the group of companies decided to temporarily suspend IKEA’s operations in Russia,” IKEA said in a statement.

While Apple has stopped selling its products in Russia, the company has also stopped online transactions, including restricting Apple Pay. Some features of Apple Maps in Ukraine were also disabled to protect civilians.

The Windows maker has also suspended sales of its products and services in Russia while pledging to improve its cybersecurity in Russia.

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