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Night Teeth Trailer Presents Sexy Yet Violent Vampires

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Netflix will bring the sexy and beautiful vampire story to its special Halloween program by showing Night Teeth. This upcoming film revolves around a young man who is trapped with two blood-sucking young women during a crazy night of bloody violence. Trailer Night Teeth filled with glamorous visuals and neon lights, bringing sexy vampires to a modern day.

First trailer Night Teeth It introduces us to a young man named Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), who has just started a new job as a driver. One night at work, Benny is responsible for taking two women on an adventure from party to party before sunrise. As it turns out, these two women are actually vampires and part of a secret group that rules the city. It didn’t take long for Benny to realize he was getting too deep into it, but by then, it was too late, and he was caught up with a blood-crazy female duo. Luckily for Benny, the two vampires seem to like him, which probably protects the young man from other creatures that annoy him at night.

This film has a plot and premise about a young man named Benny, a college student who tries to make extra money by taking LA girls to parties. But once he finds out what kind of dangerous party these girls are throwing, the night becomes even more bloodthirsty – and he must do everything he can to survive until dawn. As simple as the premise of the film may be, there’s a lot more going on behind it all, as there’s also a war for territory between vampire clans that keeps Benny caught in the middle.

Night Teeth starring Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Love Simon), Debby Ryan (Insatiable), Lucy Fry (Bright), Raúl Castillo (We the Animals), Alexander Ludwig (Vikings), Bryan Batt (Mad Men), and Marlene Forte (Dallas). The film will also feature Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria), and Megan Fox.

The film is directed by Adam Randall, who previously created the thrillers I See You (2019) and Level Up (2016). The film will hit Netflix this October 20, 2021 – a perfect time for Halloween.

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