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OMG! The first collaboration film of Jefri Nichol and Chicco Jerikho will be airing in Online Cinemas starting September 30, 2021.

OMG! directed by Bambang “Ipoenk” KM, the film Aum! will show how the actors try to speak out about freedom of expression.

Not only seeing the stunning action of Jefri Nichol and Chicco Jerikho, in the film Aum! viewer
will also witness the acting of supporting actors such as Agnes Natasya and Aksara Dena.

Both the cast and crew hope their collaboration will be in the form of the film Aum! this, is acceptable
by Indonesian film connoisseurs. Moreover, you could say this film has its own uniqueness compared to
other films.

“This film reminds and questions the goals of reform 98. I hope that
all of us, across generations, remember the goals of reform 98, one of which is about freedom
sound in the form of a film. It’s also an honor for me to be able to collaborate with two great actors
like Chicco and Jeffry. Hopefully this will provide an alternative to a different viewing experience,” explained
Bambang “Ipoenk” KM, the director of this film.

Continuing the director’s hopes, Jefri Nichol as one of the players also conveyed
expectations about this new film.
“This film is different from the films I’ve starred in before, let alone being able to act together
Chicco Jericho. I feel challenged to play two characters at once in this film. Moreover, this film is a lot
tell us about our current situation. In this film we can see how young people struggle
to express one’s own opinion. Hopefully it can be an entertaining spectacle,” said Jefri.
In addition to the unique story, the screening of the Aum! In the Online Cinema this time is also fairly unusual. This movie
is the first collaboration with Online Cinema with Layar Tantjap Film.

“This film is a film that reminds us of the history of our nation in 1998
Therefore, what Bambang “Ipoenk” KM is trying to convey is very unique. Not only tension,
but sometimes it also invites laughter,” said Gupta Gautama, Head of Content for Online Cinema.

Aum Movies! will start airing on September 30 in Online Cinemas, with ticket prices
IDR 15,000. Online Cinema can be accessed through the website and also through the application,
which can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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