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Never Quit Out of These 5 Games, There Are Severe Sanctions!

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You play a games competitive. When you are about to (and appear to be) winning, suddenly your opponent from games, whether it’s through hard reset or connection, exit the game and in the end you don’t win. Congratulations, you’ve found a rage quitter and experience firsthand how annoying it is.

Things like this often appear in games based competitive on line. The opponent suddenly disappeared because he did not want to admit defeat. This case is quite disturbing, considering it relates to the comfort of the players. Therefore, the developer also develop games to be able to punish the rage quitter. Here are some games which gives a punishment quite unique than games another.

1. Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

This is wrong games favorite of people who like to compete. They are rage quit means to insult the opponent and games itself. Therefore Super Smash Bros. provides a penalty of not being able to play for 10 minutes at a time on line.

Ten minutes is time games where you can’t turn off the Wii U or replace it with games other. That means you really have to wait on games that. Unfortunately, this penalty also applies to those who are accidentally cut off. Too bad.

2. Street Fighter V

Never Quit Out of These 5 Games, There Are Severe Sanctions!

SFV has many obstacles regarding para rage quitter since it was first released. To anticipate this, Capcom provides punishment by blocking access online matchmaking (about 24 hours for some offenses), 1,000 league points reduced, as well as given a special symbol of their proof rage quitter.

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3. Mortal Kombat X

Never Quit Out of These 5 Games, There Are Severe Sanctions!

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Those who play fighting games definitely pay attention win ratio. Every defeat will reduce win ratio or win streak them, making this the main reason for doing rage quit. Understanding this, Mortal Kombat provides punishment with their uniqueness, namely through fatality.

But not fatality what they get, but uniqueness which causes their characters’ heads to explode. Moreover, victory is awarded to the opponent, which means rage quit-your useless.

4. For Honor

Never Quit Out of These 5 Games, There Are Severe Sanctions!

Punishment for the rage quit only recently implemented. The punishment is prohibition to do matchmaking for 10 minutes. However, before being punished, a warning is given.

Those who violate it are punished. What’s even more great, if the one who comes out is the leader of the group, then one team will get the punishment. Relax for those with poor connections, as there is a 30 second tolerance for reconnection.

5. Animal Crossing

Never Quit Out of These 5 Games, There Are Severe Sanctions!

for a offline gamespunishment rage quit it’s kind of weird, but that’s how Animal Crossing is. Different from games other, rage quit more towards the situation you lose something valuable, then do hard reset before auto-save because the lost things can come back again.

So, instead of blocking, Mr. Resetti will scold you at Animal Crossing’s doorstep for a long time. Do this case a few more times, and he’ll get even angrier.

So how? Are you still interested in cheating? Don’t use the reason that the connection is lost, you know, because in today’s world it’s for the world games almost impossible. Unless you run out of internet packages.

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