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Netflix tips for a more enjoyable viewing experience

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At Netflix, we want to bring entertainment to the whole world. Television series, films, and documentaries feature amazing stories that come from everywhere and are loved everywhere. If you’re already a Netflix member and want to know more, consider these tips to make your viewing experience even more enjoyable.

Quick to browse by genre

To see more options, click on the row that appears on the homepage of your Netflix account. Various television series and movies will be present according to the genre you choose. You can also search for specials from our curated editorial channels, such as Sports Documentaries or Strong Female Lead.

Change the subtitle display

You can change the color and size of the subtitles to suit your viewing needs and personal preferences. Click Account and select Display subtitles to change the color, font, background to shadows.

Save with data

Through the Netflix app on your mobile device, you can select Cellular Data Usage such as Wi-Fi Only, Low, Medium, High, and Unlimited. Wi-Fi only means that you can only access Netflix shows when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you have unlimited quota, choose Unlimited which uses 1 GB every 20 minutes.

Stay entertained without internet

Use the Download feature to keep up with your favorite shows if you need to switch to a location with a poor internet connection, so you can keep up with the thrilling action of the latest season of Kingdom.

Make the best use of Profile

  • If you want to secure your favorite shows or preferred recommendations, select Manage Profile and click the “Add Profile” button.

  • Add a name (each Profile must have its own name) and add a personal touch by selecting the profile icon photo. Each account can contain 5 profiles.

  • When you click on your personal profile for the first time, you will get various recommendations for movies and television series. Then you will be asked to choose three titles that you like the most. Your answer allows Netflix to recommend more series and televisions that match your interests.

  • Do you and your partner or housemate enjoy watching Netflix together? Want to list the ideal series and movies to watch together? Create a shared profile and use the thumbs-up rating feature to determine what you want to watch.

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