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Netflix and BPI collaboration: aid fund for entertainment industry workers

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The long-term negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to occur around the world, including in Asia Pacific. Today, Netflix announced a collaboration with the Indonesian Film Agency (BPI) to distribute aid funds worth US$500,000 (equivalent to Rp. 7.1 billion) for Indonesian film and television workers affected by the pandemic.

This fund is included in the aid fund (Hardship Fund) global Netflix USD 150 million (equivalent to Rp. 2.1 trillion) launched to help the creative community through difficult times, and most of it is channeled to the film sector workers who are most affected.

This grant is expected to provide individual financial support for crew and freelancers in the Indonesian film and television industry who are experiencing difficulties during the pandemic and as short-term assistance to help meet basic living expenses.

Ruben Hattari (center), Director of Public Policy, SEA, Netflix, discussing with Chand Parwez Servia (right), Chairman of BPI, during the signing of a donation distribution agreement for Indonesian film workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We appreciate the Indonesian Film Agency (BPI) collaborating with Netflix, as well as all BPI element organizations involved, so that the distribution of emergency aid funds for Indonesian film workers can be carried out. We hope that the synergy and support from all elements of Pentahelix (government, academics, business entities or actors, the community and the media) can create innovation and creativity in encouraging economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to accelerate the recovery of the creative economy sector, especially the film sub-sector in 2021, Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf will also implement the National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) for the Film Subsector through three schemes, namely the Indonesian Film Promotion Scheme, the Indonesian Film Production Scheme and the Indonesian Film License Purchase Scheme. Through these programs, it is hoped that the Indonesian film industry can contribute to driving the economy, so that employment in the film industry and the film production cycle can resume,” said Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia.

Chairman of BPI Chand Parwez Servia stated, “We appreciate Netflix’s support in helping Indonesian film workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will prioritize the workers who are most affected and most in need of assistance, also taking into account the financial struggle of the recipients.”

“This pandemic is not over yet and its impact is still being felt in Indonesia. By channeling this aid fund and collaborating with BPI, we hope to provide support for the affected entertainment industry workers. Hopefully with the support during this difficult time they can get back to running creative projects soon,” said Ruben Hattari, Director of Public Policy SEA, Netflix.

BPI will form an independent committee involving 18 film professional associations to determine the film workers who will receive assistance. This committee will work from September to November 2021.

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