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Naya Yeira Releases New Single “Ghost Ship” Feat. Ivanka

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After releasing the single Afterglow accompanied by Dream chaser mix which is original soundtrack film Garuda SelectNaya Yeira again gave a surprise to close the year 2021 by launching a new single entitled Ghost Ship. This single is Naya’s second single under Mola Music.

Naya Yeira is a singer and songwriter currently completing her music education in London, England.

Its deep and meaningful lyrics invite listeners to feel a deeper meaning chorus this song. In addition to the deep lyrics, this song also tells the story of heartbreak and deceit. The color of the music is thick with acoustic guitars, modern drum rhythms, and music-inspired bass funk. Naya’s vocals also flow beautifully combined with synth pad.

Many metaphors in single Ghost Ship about the love brought by Naya. “The influence of Ray Charles and Amy Winehouse can also be felt in this song, especially in the progression chord and mood. The lyrics are also inspired by separation,” said Naya.

While Slank’s bassist, Ivanka, who collaborated on this song, said that this song was perfect. “The song easy listening, chord simple, cool lyrics plus arrangement skills and mixing with the right dimensions. Perfect! Don’t think much for support Naya, composer young with a voice of character. Cool!!”

The process of recording this single was long distance with producers Sunny Riot and Ruffian who were in the United States. Later for the promotion of this song will be equipped with a music video.

Naya Yeira’s new single, Ghost Ship can be heard and available in all Digital Streaming Platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.) starting October 22, 2021.

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