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Natural Ways to Overcome Bad Breath

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Bad breath is very disturbing and often erodes self-confidence, especially when speaking in front of other people. But don’t worry, there are several ways that can be done to overcome bad breath naturally.

Bad breath, or in medical terms called halitosis, is a condition that can be experienced by anyone. Rarely brushing teeth or not maintaining oral hygiene are the most common causes of bad breath.

Natural Ways to Overcome Bad Breath - Alodokter

Causes of Bad Breath

Not regularly brushing your teeth every day will make food debris left in the mouth. Bacteria will grow on the flakes, then release odorous compounds that cause bad breath.

If left unchecked, the bacteria that cause bad breath will multiply and eventually form dental plaque. When that happens, the odor that appears can be more severe. Therefore, regular dental cleaning is very important to maintain dental health and prevent bad breath.

Apart from rarely brushing your teeth, lack of saliva due to dry mouth can also cause bad breath. The reason is, saliva plays a role in cleaning food debris and foreign objects in the mouth. Bad breath due to dry mouth usually occurs when we just wake up, especially if previously slept with an open mouth.

In addition, it is possible that the bad breath you experience is caused by the following factors:

  • Smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • Eating foods that smell pungent, such as onions and petai.
  • There is an infection or inflammation of the nose, sinus cavities, mouth, or throat, for example in gingivitis, sinusitis, and tonsillitis.
  • Suffering from stomach acid disease, kidney or liver disorders, and oral cancer.

Overcoming Bad Breath with Natural Ingredients

To overcome bad breath, you have to be diligent in brushing your teeth and using dental floss to clean the remnants of food that causes bad breath. In addition, because bad breath can also be caused by dry mouth, it is recommended that you drink enough water, which is at least 8 glasses per day.

In addition to brushing your teeth and drinking enough water, you can take advantage of the following natural ingredients to treat bad breath:

1. Milk

When you eat a strong smelling food, such as garlic or onions, drink milk afterward. Research has proven that milk has a content that is able to eliminate bad breath due to consuming strong-smelling foods.

In addition to milk, dairy products such as yogurt can also help eliminate bad breath. This is because yogurt contains probiotics that can help reduce the number of bacteria that cause bad breath.

2. Orange

Apart from having a refreshing taste, oranges are also rich in vitamin C which functions to increase saliva production. With increased saliva, bacteria that cause bad breath will be removed from the mouth. There is also research that states that vitamin C is useful for preventing gingivitis and canker sores.

3. Green tea

Green tea Green tea has long been known to contain substances that are antibacterial and antioxidant, and have been shown to reduce inflammation. The good news is that green tea is also effective in eliminating bad breath.

To enrich the taste of green tea, try adding leaves mint into it. It’s the same with green tea, leaves mint believed to be effective against bad breath.

4. Betel leaf

This plant is often used as herbal medicine, and traditionally, betel leaf is widely used by chewing. According to several studies, betel leaf has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that can help maintain healthy teeth and mouth. This effect is also good for dealing with bad breath.

5. Licorice

Licorice or licorice is a herbal remedy commonly used to treat itching, skin inflammation, and heartburn. In addition, liquorice also contains antibacterial compounds that are believed to eliminate bad breath, relieve canker sores, and prevent tooth and gum damage.

Licorice extract can be found in various herbal medicinal products, whether in gel preparations, lozenges, or mouthwashes. Although this ingredient has long been used in traditional medicine, further research is needed to determine how effective this ingredient is.

6. Leaf saga

A study shows that saga leaves contain antibacterial compounds that are believed to be able to kill bacteria that cause bad breath and damage teeth and gums. In addition, saga leaves are also believed to reduce inflammation in the gums and mouth, so that they can overcome bad breath and canker sores, although further research is still needed.

If bad breath does not go away after using the natural ingredients above, you should consult a dentist to find out the exact cause of the bad breath you are experiencing. Once the cause is known, the dentist will help you determine the appropriate treatment.

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