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National Coordination Meeting, PBESI Prepares National and International Esports Tournaments

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Saturday, March 5, 2022 – 18:44 WIB

VIVA – The Executive Board of Esports Indonesia (PBESI) held a National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD complex, Tangerang, Saturday 5 March 2022

The opportunity discussed AD ART, regulations, national and international events, to the focus of the esports program that will be run in 2022.

The prepared programs include tournament events, esports academies, infrastructure provision, and licenses and partnerships.

In 2022, PBESI together with Garudaku will prepare national and international esports events. National level tournaments such as the Provincial Esports League and the Indonesian Esports League.

Meanwhile, international tournaments are the SEA Games and the 2022 World Esports Championship in Bali. In addition to tournament titles, PBESI has also prepared an esports academy, namely the Garudaku Academy.

Garudaku Academy is the official PBESI academy that has the authority to certify and license esports. This academy has several programs such as student and student tournaments to esports extracurriculars.

“Garudaku Academy emerged from the noble ideals to create a new Indonesian esports ecosystem that is more positive and educational. With the spirit of togetherness and great enthusiasm here, we must be able to,” explained the General Chairperson of PBESI, General Pol. (P.) Prof. Budi Gunawan accompanied by the Daily Chair, Bambang Sunarwibowo.

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