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Namgoong Min Targeted to Become a Lawyer in Sacred Divorce

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Namgoong Min seems ready to return to the small screen. He received an offer to star in a new Korean drama adaptation of a webtoon entitled Sacred Divorce.

Quoted from OSEN, Namgoong Min was targeted to star in the figure of lawyer Shin Sung Han. Born and raised in a wealthy family, he grew up without flaws.

Due to an event that happened in his life, Shin Sung Han passed the bar exam at the age of 39. He also became a specialist divorce lawyer.

In response to the news, 935 Entertainment, as the management that oversees Namgoong Min, confirmed the offer made to the actor. However, until now, no decision has been made on this matter.

“Namgoong Min did get an offer to star in Sacred Divorce. He is currently reviewing the offer. This drama is one of the many acting projects he has received,” explained management.

Previously, Namgoong Min also received an offer to star in 1000 Won Lawyer. He is also targeted to star as a lawyer in the drama.

Namgoong Min is one of the actors whose comeback in Korean dramas is highly anticipated. Moreover, he previously won two Daesangs (highest awards) in the world of acting for two consecutive years through his acting in the Stove League and The Veil.

In 2020, Namgoong Min starred in the Korean drama Stove League. He plays Baek Seung Soo, the new general manager of Dreams who is hired despite having no experience managing a baseball team.

In 2021, he starred in The Veil which premiered on MBC. The drama stole the public’s attention by achieving an average nationwide rating of 7.8 percent with a peak of 10.6 percent.

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