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Na In Woo replaces Kim Seon Ho as a permanent member 2 Days & 1 Night

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2 Days & 1 Night announced one more permanent member who will be joining the fourth season. Na In Woo officially replaces the position left by Kim Seon Ho on the program.

“Actor Na In Woo has been confirmed as a permanent member and will join the program’s journey in the future,” said 2 Days & 1 Night.

Na In Woo stole attention after appearing in a number of Korean dramas, one of which was River Where the Moon Rises. Through this drama, he brought home 2 awards at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

Bang Geul Yi, as the PD (Producing Director) of 2 Days & 1 Night revealed his reasons for choosing Na In Woo as a permanent member. They said they wanted to bring new energy through the appearance of the actor.

“With the joining of Na In Woo, we are looking for additional energy in this program. Apart from being an actor, we can’t wait to see Na In Woo make the audience laugh with his charm,” said Bang Geul Yi.

“We hope the audience looks forward to the fresh energy of the new entertainer who is now in his 20s,” he continued.

In addition, Bang Geul Yi said that the audience can also look forward to the exciting chemistry that will be shown by Na In Woo with the other permanent members. Of course, the presence of the actor will make this program more exciting.

“With Na In Woo’s presence, we can look forward to the chemistry that will be shown with the other permanent members. The position of the permanent members will change because of the new maknae (youngest member) joining,” said Bang Geul Yi.

“There will be a variety of fun that they will create. We hope that viewers look forward to the chemistry that Na In Woo will show along with the other members from the eldest, Yeon Jung Hoon to Ravi,” he concluded.

2 Days & 1 Night season four airs every Sunday at 18.30 South Korean time.

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