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Na Hee Do’s Romance to Back Yi Jin

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Na Hee Do (played by Kim Tae Ri) has begun to realize that he has different feelings for Back Yi Jin (played by Nam Joo Hyuk). In episodes 7 and 8 of the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One, there were many moments that made Na Hee Do flutter when he was near Yi Jin. He started to worry that Yi Jin would still think of him as a child.

In the latest issue of Podcasts on Drama! detikcom this week, the two latest episodes of the Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One were reviewed. There are several theories discussed and can be heard below:

The results of the 1999 Asian Games were announced and there was a national uproar. Na Hee Do is viewed negatively by the public and negative comments about him begin to appear. On television news, he was also referred to as the person who had ‘stealed Ko Yu Rim’s gold medal’. At the lowest point in his life, Na Hee Do couldn’t find a shoulder to lean on.

On the other hand, Ko Yu Rim in episode 7 keukeuh that he should be more deserving of the gold medal. Unlike Hee Do, who lacks support, the wider community actually defends Ko Yu Rim. The audience is increasingly invited to dive deeper into the problems of life and the pressures felt by Ko Yu Rim.

At the press conference for the final results of the 1999 Asian Games, Na Hee Do stated his firmness that he had the right to be the champion. There was a commotion in the press conference room which resulted in both of them receiving suspensions from the national team. Things started to turn around after entering episode 8.

Na Hee Do returns to school ending up listening to an old record of Back Yi Jin with a girl named Da Eun. Hee Do, who is very curious about the figure, tries to find it in the school memory book.

Theories about who Min Chae’s father is still lingering in the minds of viewers of this tvN Korean drama until episodes 7 and 8. A series of new facts also emerged throughout the episode. The big question still remains unanswered: will Back Yi Jin and Na Hee Do be reunited in the future?

Listen to reviews of Korean drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One episodes 7 and 8 on Podcast ngedrakor! Stream this podcast on any platform you like.


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