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Myths Around Child Sexual Abuse and the Facts Behind It

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It is very important for parents to know the myths surrounding child sexual abuse. The reason is, the myths of sexual harassment will help Mother and Father to prevent sexual harassment of the Little One.

Child sexual abuse includes all forms of attitudes and actions that involve sexual activity on children, which can be carried out by adults, adolescents, older children, or the victim’s peers.

Some examples of attitudes or actions that can lead to sexual harassment are touching an area of ​​the body, such as the chest, thigh, or intimate area of ​​a child, forcing a child to view pornographic images or content, forcing a child to masturbate, or forcing a child to have sex.

Myths Around Child Sexual Abuse and Facts

Below are various myths about child sexual abuse, along with the facts behind them:

Myth 1: Child sexual abuse is generally carried out by foreigners

In general, parents will remind their children to be more wary of strangers. In fact, sexual abuse of children can be done by anyone you knowincluding the closest family member, relative, or child’s playmate.

Myth 2: Child sexual abuse happens spontaneously

This is also one of the myths about child sexual abuse that is often believed by many people. In fact, if you look at the facts, only a small number of cases of child sexual abuse occur spontaneously.

On the other hand, sexual abuse of children often occurs in a planned manner after several days, months, and even years the perpetrator knows the victim. This is in line with the fact that has been explained previously, namely that the perpetrators of sexual abuse can be carried out by people who are close to children.

Myth 3: All child sexual abuse is perpetrated by adult men

When teaching child sexual abuse prevention, many parents also portray adult men as perpetrators of sexual abuse. Although there is indeed sexual abuse of children by adult men, it does not mean that all the perpetrators must be adult men, yes.

In fact, many cases of sexual abuse in children are also carried out by adult women, teenagers, and even minors, such as the Little One’s peers.

The stigma that perpetrators of sexual abuse of children must be carried out by adult men can be fatal. The reason is, this can cause cases of sexual harassment that are not carried out by adult men to be neglected and not reported.

Myth 4: Child sex offenders have special characteristics

The notion that perpetrators of child sexual abuse have several recognizable characteristics is also one of the myths that must be dispelled. The reason is, not infrequently this makes parents become careless.

Fathers and Mothers need to remember, sexual abuse of children can be done by anyone, including respected figures, without certain characteristics.

How to Protect Children from Sexual Harassment

In addition to understanding the myths that are often circulated in the community about sexual abuse of children, there are also here There are several things that Mom and Dad can do to protect your little one from sexual harassment, namely:

  • Teach children that private parts of their bodies, such as the chest, thighs, genitals, and buttocks, should not be touched by anyone, especially without their consent.
  • Teach children to refuse, dodge, or run, if someone touches their private parts.
  • Explain to your child that if anyone tries to touch their private parts, it’s wrong, and the child should report it to Mom and Dad.
  • Build good communication with children, for example by always listening to their stories and respecting their opinions. This is useful for building the child’s trust, so he can be open about all things to Mom and Dad.

Now, Those are some things about sexual abuse of children that parents need to know. By understanding it, it is hoped that the level of vigilance of fathers and mothers against sexual abuse of children can also increase, so that the little one can avoid such things.

If you still have questions regarding cases of child sexual abuse, you can also consult a psychologist.

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