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My Name & interesting facts

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My Name has been accompanying loyal Netflix viewers and Han So-hee fans since October 15, 2021.

There are some interesting facts about Han So-hee, in her attempt to play the protagonist who does a lot of these action scenes, namely:

1. For 5 days a week, he does physical exercises and self-defense.

This thing Han So-hee worked on for almost 4 months. It is his determination to be able to portray himself, the action scenes in the series.

2. Han So-hee always carries a knife

In this series, there are lots of action scenes that use guns and knives. So that he gets used to it and looks natural while filming, he always carries a knife wherever he goes

But of course the safety of the crew is the top priority, so he trains hard so that not only he protects the crew while filming, he also doesn’t get hurt when using the knife.

But actually there are more reasons why My Name, made an exciting spectacle, namely:

1.Amazing fighting action

Action action in this series is guaranteed not to make the audience regret. As stated by Ahn Bo-hyun, that each cast undergoes intense combat training. The same thing was also expressed by Park Hee-soon, namely the action they took was based on emotion, and did not depend on computer graphics or strings. All of this causes the whole scene to feel emotional and the actual battle is present in front of the audience.

2. An enchanting revenge story

The strength of this series is in an interesting story and a strong reason behind it all, in order to convince the audience. In My Name, Jiwoo witnessed his father’s death at a very young age, and he had no other choice but to do this.

Jiwoo then contacted his father’s friend who is a leader of a criminal organization to help carry out his revenge. The boss of the Dongcheon cartel named Mujin also accepts Jiwoo and helps him get a new identity and infiltrate the police institution.

My name offers a unique revenge story featuring a member of a criminal organization disguised as a cop

5. A lineup of talented actors and actresses in this series

Who does not know Han So-hee, when she played her role in The World of the Mrried and Nevertheless. Also two senior actors Park Hee-soon and Kim Sang-ho. Then there are also Ahn Bo-hyun, Lee Hak-ju and Jang Yuli whose acting was good in various series, especially Itaewon Class and The World of the Married.

4. Director of the series My Name

Who doesn’t know director Kim Jin-min, who has worked on the series Extracurricular. Regarding this, Park He-soon said that he really trusted director Kim Jin-min because of his prowess in directing the Extracurricular series.

So, from all the reasons above, do you still need another reason, to immediately watch My Name?

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