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Muara Flag Beach Tour in Bekasi that You Must Visit

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Bekasi is a city near the capital city which turns out to have natural wealth to explore. This city has a beach area that is quite famous, namely Muara Gembong Beach in Muara Gembong District. Actually, Muara Gembong District itself is located near the shoreline. Around there is not only Muara Gembong Beach, but there are also several other beaches that are still empty of visitors. One of them is Muara Flag Beach which can be visited and also close to Muara Beting Beach. Here are some things about Muara Flag that might provide information for you.

Estuary of the Flag Privileges

Muara Flag tourist beach is a beach that has characteristics that are not much different from other beaches in Muara Gembong. This beach has characteristics that are close to mangrove forests so that it can be an alternative to Jabodetabek Nature Tourism that can be visited. In fact, some areas of this beach are indeed mangrove forests in the Muara Gembong area. The uniqueness of this beach is not only from the existence of existing mangrove forests, but also from its natural conditions which are still very natural.

On this beach, you will often find wild animal habitats and their existence needs to be maintained. One of the protected wildlife is the long-tailed macaque or black langur. If you are lucky, sights of the long-tailed macaque or black langur can be found in the mangrove forest. Besides monkeys, there are also habitats for migratory birds from the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. The birds will often be seen between September and February. Of course, this view will be a rare sight, because at this time not all beaches will be visited by migrating birds.

When visiting Muara Flag Beach, you will also feel a quite different atmosphere. Because as explained above, this beach is still quiet when compared to other beaches in Muara Gembong District. This beach does not have complete facilities and is considered to be one of the Cheap Tourist Places in Jabodetabek and even free. The fresh and green atmosphere of the mangrove forest will also calm your mind and release you from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, if you are lucky, those of you who visit there can feel like you are on a private island.

Activities at Muara Flag

Activities at Muara FlagTourist activities at Muara Flag Beach itself are arguably not enough, because there are no complete tourist facilities there. However, there are still fun things to do there so that your tourism activities will continue to run well. Here are some exciting activities that can be done on the beach.

  1. Swim and play water

Those of you who visit this beach can enjoy the beach atmosphere by playing in the water or swimming on the beach. Although on this beach there are no tourist facilities such as water games or the like, doing activities by walking along the beach or playing in the water there will still be fun. Therefore, prepare a change of clothes to support this exciting activity, so that the tour is not in vain.

  1. Seeing jellyfish

On this beach there is a jellyfish habitat. You can try to see the habitat of the jellyfish. And this is also what you need to watch out for when swimming on the beach. Don’t get stung by a jellyfish because it can cause itching and irritation. If traveling with small children, make sure first that the area is free of jellyfish, only then will the child be safer when swimming there.

  1. Picnic

Because there are no food and drink sellers on this beach, enjoying the beach by means of a picnic will be very exciting. You can bring food and drinks from home, then open the mat and eat with your family on the beach. This location is suitable for those of you who really like picnics. However, keep in mind that avoid littering after eating.

  1. Enjoying the mangrove forest

You can also enjoy the view of the mangrove forest around Muara Flag Beach. The mangrove forest there is still very natural. And please be careful too because around there is also a swamp crocodile habitat.

  1. Fishing

On this beach there are also interesting fishing spots to try, especially for those of you who really like fishing. The types of fish commonly found by anglers are baronang fish, blanak fish, kropak fish, snapper, and cork bloso fish. And if you’re lucky, you can get white snapper.

Location of the Estuary of the Flag

Muara Flag Beach is a tourist spot that is not far from Jakarta, which is precisely near Muara Beting Beach and Muara Gembong Beach, namely in Pantai Bahagia Village. So to get there, you can come directly to the tourist area of ​​Gembong Bekasi District. The distance from the city center of Bekasi is approximately 30 kilometers. If from the city of Bekasi, you can drive through Babelan. If from the direction of Bekasi Regency, drive past Cikarang or Tambun. For those of you who come from Jakarta, drive to the Marunda area. Then just follow the signpost to Muara Gembong.

Attractions in Muara Gembong

In addition to Muara Flag beach, there are several other tourist attractions in Bekasi that can be visited at once. So when traveling to the Muara Gembong area, you can get experience in several tourist attractions at once. Here are some attractions around Muara Gembong.

  • Muara Beting Beach – The beach is located in Pantai Bahagia Village which is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Muara Gembong area. This beach already has complete tourist facilities so that it can provide a better alternative for tourism.
  • Muara Gembong Beach This beach is also a tourist beach in Muara Gembong District. The location is in the Simple Beach Village. This beach also has a mangrove forest which is inhabited by several wildlife. There are also shrimp and seaweed ponds owned by local fishermen.
  • Blooming Beach – The beach is close to the river mouth. On this beach, tourists can take a boat and go around. The location is in the village of Pantai Mekar. There are tourist facilities such as gazebos and locations for fishing.
  • Muara Gembong Mangrove Forest – As described above, the Muara Gembong area has a large area of ​​mangrove forest. The tourists can follow it and can also rent a boat to explore the mangrove forest area.

Those are some explanations about Muara Flag Beach which is still quiet in Muara Gembong Bekasi. Hopefully this article is useful.

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