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MotoGP Officially Changes Red Flag Rules From 2022

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Wednesday, 23 February 2022 – 20:39 WIB

VIVA – Ahead of the 2022 season, MotoGP continues to improve so that riders can compete fairly and competitively throughout the series.

Most recently, the Grand Prix Commission changed the red flag rules starting MotoGP 2022. The Grand Prix Commission itself consists of Dorna Sports, the International Motorsport Federation (FIM), the International Road Racing Team Association (IRTA) and the Motor Sport Manufacturer Association (MSMA).

Regarding that rule, it is very different from the previous red flags. An important point in the new rules is the determination of the classification of champions in a race in the event of a red flag.

Previously, the determination of the champion was taken after all the drivers crossed the finish line. For example, when the red flag occurred on the 20th lap out of a total of 21 laps.

When the red flag is flying, there are several drivers who are still turning on lap 19, while the leading one has entered the 20th lap, the determination of the championship title will be classified based on the order on lap 18, where the position of the last driver is considered to have crossed the finish line.

But now, that rule has been changed. For example, there are four drivers A, B, C, and D consecutively in positions 1-4. They are currently on the 19th lap, but the red flag was flying in the middle of the race, then the classification positions have changed to D, C, B and A, so the classification of the champions will be determined based on the last time the four crossed the finish line together, namely on lap 18th.

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