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MKS Releases Quirky and Colorful Shoes and Sandals Collection

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Transition is a big theme that inspires fashion labels these days. Even though we are still facing a pandemic situation, activities are slowly starting to return to dynamics. From returning to work in the office to being able to vacation in your favorite destination.

This is also interpreted by shoe label MKS’ in its latest collection. Holding a presentation session with the exhibition on February 22-27 2022 yesterday at Kala Karya at Kala, MKS named this collection as WHAT MKS’ US. Which is also the closing event of the campaign with the name that has been going on since last October 2021.

MKS' latest collectionMKS’ latest collection/ Photo: doc. MKS’

Consisting of 12 pairs of shoes and sandals, MKS’ offers a range of versatile footwear in different color combinations vibrant and tantalizing. Black sandals show quirky thanks to the multi-colored details. Hybrid mules in striking colors can be the perfect complement to a variety of styles.

MKS' latest collectionMKS’ latest collection/ Photo: doc. MKS’

In addition to color coordination, details and materials have also attracted the attention of the label receiving the 2021 Fashion Force Award – Jakarta Fashion Week 2022. Where comes the application of acrylic yarn material with techniques hand tufting in the upper and insole also design hybrid mules using materials genuine leather.

MKS' latest collectionMKS’ latest collection/ Photo: doc. MKS’

comfortable and stylish, these are the kind of shoes that are made for walking and can uplift your mood for sure Beauties!

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