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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 9 Indonesian citizens in Chernihiv are still in the factory safe house

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – A total of 9 Indonesian citizens (WNI) in Chernihiv, Ukraine are still in a safe house at the factory where the Indonesian citizens work.

Director of the Protection of Indonesian Citizens at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu), Judha Nugraha said the fighting was still going on in Chernihiv.

The attack had disrupted public services such as water, electricity, gas and communication networks.

However, these disturbances can be repaired again.

“Communications with 9 Indonesian citizens who had been cut off due to cellular communication problems, are now able to reconnect,” said Judha on Sunday (3/13/2022).

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The Director of PWNI revealed that the Indonesian citizens are safe and healthy in a safe house which is also available in a bunker.

Electricity, water and gas facilities continue to operate. Logistics supplies for Indonesian citizens are still adequate.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensures that evacuation efforts will continue to be carried out by the Indonesian Embassy in Kyiv and the Indonesian Citizen Protection Team.

Several times the evacuation effort had to be postponed due to the fighting situation in the evacuation route.

“The two warring parties need to establish a humanitarian corridor that is truly adhered to and effective in the field,” said Judha.

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