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Mike Tyson Cancels Fighting Jake Paul, Iron Mike’s Reason Is Unexpected

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Mike Tyson finally canceled the fight with Jake Paul after talking to a YouTuber who was 30 years younger than him. 55-year-old Mike Tyson opts out of the fight against Jake Paul because there is no agreement on income.

SunSport revealed last month that the former world heavyweight champion was in advanced negotiations with 25-year-old Jake Paul about an exhibition boxing bout in Las Vegas, Nevada. But Sun Online reports Tyson decided to cancel the deal because the numbers didn’t increase.

A source close to the former ‘Evilest Man on the Planet’ said: “Mike doesn’t want to continue full-scale training to the level the world expects, unless he thinks the money is right.”

“But what seemed like a great idea at the turn of the year is now no longer a top priority.”

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Tyson and Paul’s representatives have been quietly negotiating plans for a pay-per-view battle, which is expected later this year, with a potential windfall of £36m. But a business associate of Tyson told Sun Online: “The last few weeks have seen a change for Mike. He was on board for an exhibition bout with Jake in Vegas but reportedly the deal didn’t go the way he expected.”

Tyson is also not interested in forcing his body through the rigors of grueling training sessions like he did before his fight against Roy Jones Jr. The source said: “It’s not that he’s not physically capable of dominating Jake, it’s that his life isn’t conducive to training to the required level.”

“Mike also has a lot of other things going on in his business life, especially with his growing cannabis empire. And at this point math just doesn’t fit.”

Tyson has been building a cannabis empire since 2016 through his Tyson Holistic label. It is believed he makes around £500,000 a month through his business which offers premium cannabis strains, foods and extracts.

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