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Mental Health Problems Are Real, Check Out Steps You Can Take

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – The strong negative stigma of society towards mental health is still the biggest challenge to date. There are still many people in Indonesia who underestimate the eyes of someone who has mental health disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and a series of others.

Most people think that they lack worship, or even people with mental disorders (ODGJ). According to psychologist Anisa Cahya Ningrum, the stigma occurs because basically mental health is different from physical.

“If physical illness can be seen and easily detected, mental health problems cannot be seen with the naked eye and difficult to detect. It is like an iceberg phenomenon, at first glance it is not visible, but many are experiencing and still not resolved,” said Anisa in a book review. “Me and the Souls who are Broken and Forget the Wounds entitled Mental Illness, which was held by the Fun Writing Community and Pilar Pustaka Publisher, Friday, February 11, 2022.

However, that does not mean that you are asymptomatic as Anisa said, you can start slowly mapping signs such as eating, sleeping, and eating disorders. mood swingsaggressive, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions, up to self harm and thoughts for suicide.

“In addition, mental health problems also affect physical health such as ulcers and stomach acid. Because the mental condition is very whack, the physical will react,” said this MotherHope Indonesia Community Advisor.

Who is called mentally healthy? Who can carry out activities, daily activities, and socialize without obstacles. Meanwhile, if mental health problems begin to be experienced, starting with the problem feels heavy and persists for a certain period of time. Then, usually there has been a change of self in a long enough duration.

As for the causes of mental health problems, Anisa said it was quite complex and varied. Starting from innerchild, unfinished problemdomestic violence, harassment, bullyingdivorce, infidelity, unwanted children, finance, and so on.

So, what can be done? Start by feeling yourself as a victim, a survivor, until you can grow. That it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling in phase victim such as fear, anxiety, extreme vigilance, confusion, feeling imperfect, believing in suffering to the point of losing hope.

Then enter the survival or survivor phase. Starting from trying to change feelings, struggling to heal, seeing wounds to heal, learning to relax, loving yourself and others, protecting yourself, needing help to be happy, being aware of wounds, and not being afraid to tell others ,” he continued.

Followed by the stage that is ready to go through the growing phase, starting with a passion for life, being grateful, being able to feel abundant blessings, enjoying a sense of peace, opening up to others, feeling happy and happy, enjoying humor, and being able to apply healthy boundaries with others.

If you have experienced development, then the need self love also become one of the basic needs. Because, we not only care about ourselves, but also know our strengths and challenges. “Don’t forget to do passion what we like, for example by writing.”

“Of course, in the process with ourselves, not with self-diagnosis, but with professionals so that it is clear what kind of treatment and therapy needs to be done. Not with denial that we don’t need help to recover,” concluded Anisa.

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