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Melasti Beach Tour, Uniqueness, History and Entrance Tickets

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Melasti Beach Tourism, Enchantment of the Sea Called Competitors of Pandawa Beach – Bali has many natural tourist destinations with beautiful panoramas. One of the mainstay tours in Bali is the beaches in the southern part of the island. If mentioned one by one, it is clear that there will be many famous beach names in Bali. The beaches are also a mandatory destination for every tourist who visits the island of the gods.

Among the popular beaches in Bali, there is Melasti Beach which is no less beautiful. The beach, which is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, was previously in the reconstruction stage. Currently, the reconstruction process has been completed and has made the coastal tourist area even more beautiful. Here are interesting things to know about Melasti Beach Ungasan.

White Sanded Melasti Beach Tour

In addition to the scenery, the beach always has its own charm from the color of the sand. There is a beach with black sand found in Bali. While several other beaches in Bali have white sand and become famous beaches. One of them is Kuta Beach which has become an icon of Bali and Petitenget Beach. Evidently Melasti beach tour also has white sand that is no less charming than the two beaches.

Not only unique because of its white sand, Melasti Beach also made many people curious. Because the beach was originally a hidden beach that was recently discovered. Its location behind the high limestone hills makes this beach was rarely touched. Until finally the reconstruction was carried out until now Melasti Beach is becoming widely known.

History of the name Melasti Beach Ungasan

Most beach names are taken from the name of the area where it is located. Some beaches are also given names based on certain history or stories of previous people. While the name Melasti Beach is taken from the habits of the local community, who are mostly Hindu, in carrying out the melasti or cleansing ceremony.

Melasti is a term for a type of traditional Hindu ceremony carried out before Nyepi. Usually the location chosen is a spring such as the sea, lake and will always be adjusted to the area.

The name Melasti Beach is actually not the only one in Bali. The same name is also given to the beach which is located in Tabanan Regency, Bali. Then to make the two beaches sound different, the area Melasti beach tour in Ungasan it is more often called Melasti Beach Ungasan. While the other Melasti Beach is often called Tabanan Melasti Beach.

Uniqueness and Attraction

Melasti Beach Tour, Uniqueness, History and Entrance Tickets

Each beach in Bali has its own uniqueness with the characteristics that it has making this beach very suitable for today’s favorite tourist destinations, below are the unique things you can find

1. Called Pandawa Beach Competitors

The name Pandawa Beach is quite familiar among domestic and foreign tourists. Initially, Pandawa Beach was also a hidden beach. The beach is also behind the hill. After the opening of the road that divides the hill, then many tourists begin to come to Pandawa Beach. Even the beach is always crowded with visitors, especially during the holidays.

Having many similarities with Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach is referred to as a new beach that is a competitor to Pandawa Beach. The beginning of the recognition of the two beaches is the same. Melasti Beach is now an alternative tourist destination if Pandawa Beach is too crowded with visitors. With almost the same view, Melasti beach tour can bring a vacation experience that is no less exciting.

2. Adrenaline Challenging Road Access

As it is said that Melasti Beach was originally behind a towering hill. The reconstruction process carried out by splitting the hill can now be used as access to get to the beach. With such a location, it is not surprising that Melasti Beach can be reached by accessing winding roads, descending to uphill. This is the challenge for adrenaline on the way to Melasti Beach.

Melasti Beach Tour, Uniqueness, History and Entrance Tickets

Access roads that trigger adrenaline should not be a reason to be reluctant to visit Melasti Beach. The road to the beach is equipped with thick and smooth asphalt. In addition, the paved road is also wide enough to make traveling more comfortable. Either by motorbike or car, it is guaranteed that visitors can reach the area Melasti beach tour without difficulty.

3. Favorite Activity is Pre-wedding Photo

The beauty of Melasti Beach is often used by many people for taking pre-wedding photos. Not without reason why this beach is a favorite pre-wedding photo location. In addition to the stunning scenery, there are many choices of photo spots on this beach. Pre-wedding photos of the bride and groom can be a cliff background or a beach and sea setting.

Anyone who wants to do a pre-wedding photo session at Melasti Beach must pay a certain fee to use the location. The costs incurred are comparable to the facilities obtained by the bride and groom and the photography crew, such as a special makeup room and separate toilet. Taking pictures in the area Melasti beach tour guaranteed to make the pre-wedding moment more memorable.

Facilities or facilities on melasti beach

Even though it is a new tourist area in Bali, Melasti Beach already has quite complete facilities and facilities. Facilities such as toilets, a place to wash feet and space to change clothes are already located on the beachfront area. The facilities are also very good and clean. For the tariff for using the toilet, currently the manager still accepts whatever is given by the visitor, aka no special tariff has been applied.

For culinary facilities, in the area Melasti beach tour not many restaurants or the like. There are only a few and some are still shops selling various foods and soft drinks. Therefore, visitors should bring their own food and drinks. The choice of culinary places on this beach is expected to be more and more in the future.

Prewedding at Melasti Beach

pre-wedding photo by

Other facilities in the Melasti Beach area are still in the development planning stage. One of them is the plan to procure facilities that support activities at sea, such as jet skis and banana boats. Even so, visitors can already do other activities such as swimming and snorkeling. Both activities are quite safe because Melasti Beach has calm waves and clear water.

Spacious Parking Area

Once entering the beach tourism area, visitors can immediately find a parking area. It is not difficult to access the Melasti Beach parking area because the area is very large. Visitors are free to choose the desired parking area. Even visitors can still freely move parking places to make it easier to access certain facilities. This very large parking area is one that makes visitors comfortable.

Area manager Melasti beach tour deliberately create a very large parking area. It aims to provide maximum facilities to the visitors. In addition, a very large parking area is also a form of preparation when the tourist area will be more famous. Of course, there will be more and more visitors every day and not only during the holidays.

Including new tourist destinations whose names are not as popular as other beaches, but Melasti Beach is quite interesting to visit. The view is so beautiful blends perfectly with the facilities provided. Visitors are guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday experience in the area Melasti beach tour.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Melasti Beach Tourist Attractions

Melasti Beach Tour, Uniqueness, History and Entrance Tickets

If you want to enter this Ungasan Melasti beach attraction, you will be charged an entrance ticket. Why is there a ticket fee? Because the money you pay as the entrance fee will be used for construction costs, maintenance and to maintain the cleanliness of the beach area.

Then how much money is needed to pay for the entrance ticket to Melasti Beach Ungasan Bali? The following is the price for the entrance ticket to Melasti Ungasan beach and the cost of parking the vehicle.

Children Admission Ticket 3,000/ person
Adult Admission Ticket 8.000/ person
Car park 5,000/ car
Motorcycle Parking 2,000/ car

To visit this tourist spot you can use various types of vehicles, ranging from motorbikes, taxis, or use private vehicles with their own drivers. If you come for a vacation in Bali using a car or motorbike rental service is a choice of transportation to Melasti Beach. Use or follow google map directions for this beach location.

If it’s your first time visiting this beach, we recommend looking for a car rental service with a driver and Balinese fuel, because the road to the beach is winding with a steep slope.

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