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Melasti Beach in Ungasan, a new tourist attraction in South Bali

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Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan village, South Kuta District in Badung Regency, South Bali tourism area, an area that is famous for its natural beauty of the beach with unique and interesting natural nuances, especially with the presence of cliffs or hills directly adjacent to the natural beach.

Starting from the Pandawa beach tourist destination which is popular quickly in the South Bali region, now in the area there is Melasti beach, the natural panorama offered at Melasti Ungasan beach is indeed special, beautiful, beautiful and instagramable in a romantic natural atmosphere. This natural beach recreation area can be the next tour destination in the Southern region.

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The existence of Melasti Ungasan beach adds to the list of new tourist attractions in Badung district, Melasti beach is ready to present special views for every visitor. The beauty of the white sand beach, surrounded by limestone cliffs and winding roads and the nature of the beach blends together and offers spectacular views.

The natural charm of Melasti Ungasan beach in the South Bali region adds a new destination for lovers of coastal nature recreation. With amazing natural charm, it can be used as a place to fill your vacation time, with family, children and even with your honeymoon partner.

Melasti beach attractions in Ungasan Bali

If you have a vacation agenda and a tour plan to Bali, then a tour destination to South Bali is an ideal tourist destination for you, especially those who like beautiful, beautiful and instagramable beaches. The natural charm of the beach offered by this Ungasan Melasti beach attraction, seems to be able to compete with the popularity of the neighboring Pandawa beach.

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The access road to Melasti Beach Ungasan, by dredging the limestone hills of Ungasan village looks so phenomenal and offers more beauty, including the winding road on the hillside used by residents during the Melasti ceremony, looks beautiful.

Melasti Beach is a new tourist attraction on the island of Bali

The manager of the Melasti Ungasan beach natural tourism object is starting to clean up, structuring places, access to locations and also various tourism facilities, ready to complete the list of tourist attractions on the island of Bali, will offer new recreation options when you are on vacation and plan or arrange a tour agenda towards South Bali.

Indeed, the Melasti Ungasan beach tourist attraction is not so popular at this time, but in the future the beautiful charm offered by this tourist destination will become a popular tour destination while on vacation on the island of Bali, especially since it is located in the same direction and close to other popular tourist destinations such as GWK and Uluwatu.

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Actually, this new tourist area in the South Bali area did not previously have a fixed name, but because this beach is often used as a place for Melasti ceremony processions, especially before the celebration of Nyepi, people call it Melasti beach.

The development of this tourist attraction in Ungasan Badung was initially still a question mark, some said it would become a watersport recreation place like in Tanjung Benoa, but in the end this tourist spot became a tourist destination to relax and enjoy the natural charms that it has to offer.

Access road to Melasti pantai beach

Entering Melasti Ungasan beach, you will pass an access road that divides the hill like Pandawa beach, limestone cliffs with a height of up to 100 meters adorn this area, there is also a winding road between hill cliffs, so that it appears to present beautiful natural scenery.

Just entering the Melasti Ungasan beach area, you are treated to interesting views, the access road has been hotmixed across high cliffs, looks beautiful, can be used as a place to take photos with various points of view, resulting in beautiful creative works. Coastal natural recreation areas in Badung Regency, it’s a shame to just pass up.

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On the left side of Melasti beach, it is still filled with typical coastal limestone, it seems more hidden among the towering limestone cliffs, on the center line of Melasti Ungasan beach there is a platform jutting into the sea.

This place is used as a place for boats to rest, especially during the nganyud procession during cremation and also during a series of Melasti ceremonies carried out by the residents of Ungasan village.

On the right side (west side) of Melasti Beach, there is more space, where a stretch of white sand beach is ready to welcome you as a recreation area, relax and enjoy the natural scenery of the sea with clear water.

Access to this area, the limestone cliffs that were dredged for road access are made to look beautiful, the green hills and cliffs that surround this area combine beautifully to present instagramable natural beauty.

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The natural atmosphere at Melasti Ungasan beach is romantic, suitable as a tour destination during a honeymoon vacation on the island of the Gods, Bali. The beautiful natural charm in this coastal natural recreation area can make you feel at home for a long time, eliminating all boredom and being fresh again.

White sand at Melasti Beach

On the west side of Melasti beach there are a number of food and drink stalls and beach umbrellas that you can rent, besides that there are shady trees to shelter from the hot sun. This area is indeed beautiful, it is certain that it will become a new tourist attraction in Bali that will attract tourists, such as the existence of its neighboring Pandawa beach.

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Melasti beach tourism object Ungasan is indeed quite special, in the afternoon you can see the beauty of the sunset, the natural panorama of the sunset, beautifully combined with views of cliffs and sea nature, beautiful and instagrammable nature on Melasti beach will be able to provide a new experience, so that it can make a fresh mind return.

This natural recreation area of ​​the Melasti Ungasan coast also offers stunning sunset views, so when you want to enjoy a calmer and more peaceful sunset in the South Bali area, this tourist destination in Ungasan Badung can be an alternative tour other than Uluwatu,

Sunset at Melasti Beach

Before Melasti beach is visited by many tourists, it’s a good idea to visit it now, so you can have more freedom to enjoy its beauty, more freedom to relax with your family or loved ones. Moreover, a number of interesting spots are available, for simply taking selfies with instagramable natural backgrounds, capturing your vacation and tour on the island of Bali.

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If you want to visit here, there are currently no directions directing you to Melasti beach, for the time being look for a road map that leads to the Banyan Tree hotel, because it is in one direction of travel and the beach is right under the hill where the hotel stands. , you can ask local people, they will be happy to help you, or check the location map at google maps.

If you want your trip to be even easier, if you rent a car in Bali along with a driver, because our driver understands various access to tourist attractions in Bali, including interesting recreational places close to Melasti beach.

Nearest attractions in Bali from Melasti beach Ungasan

If you want to arrange a tour in Bali with the aim of Melasti beach, then you can also easily visit the nearest tourist attraction in the South Bali tourism area from Melasti beach Ungasan and your tour will be more efficient.

However, the places in the South Bali area visited were dominated by coastal areas, some of which were Dreamland, Pandawa, Greenbowl (Batu Pageh), Balangan, Padang-padang, Uluwatu and Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) beaches.

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If your tour is from Kuta or the airport, you can also package it by starting to visit Tanjung Benoa by enjoying water sports recreation and ending in Jimbaran enjoying a variety of seafood foods.

Indeed, the Southern region is the most famous place as a vacation spot on the island of the Gods, so that natural coastal recreation areas such as Melasti beach will become popular more quickly.

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