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Meeting Fans at a Restaurant, Han So Hee’s Unexpected Reaction Makes It Viral

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PeekCeleb – Good at acting and having amazing visuals, Han So Hee started to peak in popularity when she starred in dramas The World of The Married in 2020.

As an actress who is on the rise, the figure of Han So Hee certainly does not escape the public spotlight, as has happened recently. On social media and online communities, a netizen shared an unusual experience when meeting a drama star nevertheless the. What’s the full story like? Check it out through the reviews below.

Han So Hee Gives Unexpected Reaction When Meeting Fans


Photo : XANADU Entertainment

On March 2, a netizen who claimed to be a fan of Han So Hee shared his meeting with the actress at a restaurant. Instead of approaching and greeting him, he chose to write a letter on a tissue because there was no paper, and did not want to disturb him.

Dare to approach Han So Hee, the fans were amazed by the way Han So Hee responded to her letter. In fact, the actress who was born in 1994 is also trying to find a paper to give her an autograph and ask for her name.

“Then, I cautiously approached him and sent him a letter. Surprisingly, he didn’t feel annoyed at all but even thanked me. He had such a warm expression. I got my courage and asked for his autograph. It took us a while to find the paper because I didn’t have it. I even asked the restaurant staff,” said Han So Hee fans, quoted from KBIZoomMarch 4, 2022.

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