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Medical Train Takes Children With Cancer Ukraine to Poland

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Tribunnews Reporter, Fitri Wulandari

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KIEV – About 60 children who are cancer patients from Ukraine have taken medical trains in Polish cities to hospitals in Warsaw and elsewhere.

Quoted from the Al Jazeera page, Sunday (13/3/2022), among these medical workers, there are those who carry several pediatric patients by hand, on stretchers, or in wheelchairs at a station in Medyka, near the Ukrainian border.

“Some of them will need oxygen, will require some form of intensive care, and some have the coronavirus (Covid-19) and will have to be separated from the others,” said Dominik Daszuta, an anesthesiologist from Warsaw Hospital.

He said that so far the train had carried 120 children with cancer.

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Earlier, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UN) said at least 2.5 million people had fled Ukraine in the two weeks since the Russian invasion began.

Earlier on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of special military operations in Ukraine in response to a request for assistance submitted by the head of the Donbass Republic.

However, he stressed that his country has no plans to occupy Ukrainian territory.

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He claimed this operation was carried out only for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also said that Russian troops did not target cities in Ukraine.

They intend only to paralyze the Ukrainian military infrastructure.

Therefore, Russia insists there is no targeted threat to the civilian population.

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