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Master Supandi Kusuma Gets Gold Pin, Becomes Mr. Taiji Indonesia

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Friday, January 28, 2022 – 22:05 WIB

VIVA – Master Supandi Kusuma has been named the Father of Taiji Indonesia. The gold pin was handed over during the VII Indonesian Wushu National Conference (Munas) which took place in Jakarta, Friday, January 28, 2022.

Supandi is an old name in the Indonesian wushu sport. He also served as General Chairperson of PB WI. Supandi is also the owner of the Kusuma Wushu Indonesia Foundation (YKWI) Medan.

The coronation was carried out in a trial led by Ngatino SH MH accompanied. Ir. Daniel Budi Setiawan (Deputy – Pengprov WI Central Java), Yesenia Irene as Secretary (Secretary – Pengprov WI NTT) with members Tito Dalkuci SH (Pengprov WI South Sumatra) and Abdul Rasid (Pengprov WI Kaltim).

“I am surprised and grateful to have received a gold pin and was also named the father of Taiji Indonesia in the VII Wushu Indonesian National Conference. And, I believe that Indonesian wushu achievements will be even better under the leadership of Pak Airlangga Hartarto, who was re-elected as General Chair of PB WI for the 2022-2020 period. 2026,” Supandi said.

In particular, Supandi asked Airlangga to choose a companion who understands the sport of wushu so that he can answer the challenges of future achievements.

“The wushu movement needs perfection because even a slight miss can lead to failure. This must be taken into consideration considering that the competition is getting tougher in the future,” he said.

Master Supandi Kusuma with Airlangga Hartarto

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