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Massive Protest! Artists Join in Attacking President Donald Trump

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Gigi, Bella Hadid, and other artists who oppose President Donald Trump.

This week there were massive protests in America over President Donald Trump’s decision to ban Muslims from entering his country. Seen this chaos is still coloring America. Starting from the protests that occurred on the street, several large airfields, to the hectic public opinion on social media. The reason was President Trump who banned seven Muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering America. Plus President Trump who also withheld refugee permits for 120 days. The demonstrations appeared to have taken place at airfields in New York, Boston and Washington, where protesters denounced President Trump’s plan as “un-American”.

One of the largest demonstrations took place in Manhattan’s Battert Park, right near the Liberty Monument, which became a symbol of immigration that helped build America. It was seen that Gigi and Bella Hadid joined the demonstration, wearing patriotic red, white, and blue clothes, fighting for religious equality. The two brothers do have Muslim blood from their father, Mohamed, who is of Palestinian descent. Even Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, is also a Muslim.

Other artists who attacked President Trump were Emmy Rossum and Sophia Bush, who used social media to express their feelings. Even Facebook owner and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared his opinion with his 85 million followers on social media.

“Yesterday, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, our President committed a moral atrocity shrouded in lies & fear.” wrote Sophia Bush.

“My great-grandfathers were from Germany, Austria and Poland,” wrote Mark Zuckerberg. “Priscilla’s parents are refugees from China and Vietnam. America is a country of immigrants, and we should be proud of that. Like all of you, I am also concerned about the decisions that President Trump has signed. We need a safe country, and one that should to do is focus on the people who actually threaten that security.”

Photo source: et online / The Huffington Post

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