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Martyn Ford The Scariest Man on Earth Kills Sajad Gharibi to Death

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Martyn Ford The Scariest Man on Earth Kills Sajad Gharibi to Death/The Sun

Martyn Ford The Scariest Man on Earth swears to kill him Sajad Gharibi Iranian Hulk to death. The Scariest Man on Earth replied to Sjad Gharibi’s boast that he would crush him in a boxing fight that will be held on April 2, 2022 at The O2 Arena, London, England.

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With a stature of 205 cm and a weight of 130 kg, not many people want to enter the ring against The Scariest Man on Earth . Only Sajad Gharibi Iranian Hulk who has a height of 188 cm with a weight of 177 kg who became his opponent.

Martyn Ford vows to finish Sajad Gharibi faster by hurting him in the ring. ”[Gharibi] being in a really dirty world. I don’t want to be him. Honestly, at heart, I don’t think he understood what was going to happen when he walked into the room. It is really my serious concern that he will be seriously injured,” threatened Martyn Ford.

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Previously, Sajad Gharibi had boasted that he would crush Martyn Ford, the scariest man on Earth, until he returned home on a stretcher from the ring. The Hulk prepared his strongest punch to send Martyn Ford out of The O2 on a stretcher by medics on April 2.

“The actor, or rather the ‘joke’, disrespected me for the first time in 2018 on Instagram Live,” Sajad Gharibi told Muscle and Health.


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