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Mandalika Circuit Immediately Overcome Dirty Track Problems Ahead of MotoGP

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022 – 18:27 WIB

VIVA – The MotoGP pre-season test at the Mandalika Circuit has ended. The racers and teams loved the layout and design of the 4.3km circuit, as well as the safety standards, including the runoff area, very wide gravel.

However, they also complained about the condition of the track being dirty, dusty and even the number of small stones on the track.

The Mandalika Circuit will also clean up ahead of the Indonesian MotoGP on March 20, 2022. This was stated by the Managing Director of the Mandalika Grand Prix Association, Priandhi Satria.

“With the schedule (repair) proposed by PP (contractor) to make the track better, the circuit will be closed from today until PP is finished. If in an F1 car, it’s because of its fast aerodynamics by design pressing it into the ground, dust comes out to naturally clean the dust, ” said Priandhi.

Ducati riders at the Mandalika Circuit

Priandhi explained, since November’s WSBK (the circuit) has not been used, plus dust from the front side of the road construction, construction in the stands enters the track, enters between the aggregates which causes a lot of dust.

“After the PP is complete, we will carry out track cleaning. In the future, we will not rule out the possibility that it will become a public track. We hope to be able to do vehicle tests, regional championships and other national championships, that’s an easy way to clean the track with a truck sweeper,” said Priandhi.

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