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Malaysia Wins 2-0 Over Indonesia

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Sunday, February 20, 2022 – 17:06 WIB

VIVA – The second match of the final of the Badminton Asia Championships (BATC) 2022 brought together the men’s doubles, Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Marthin vs Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik. The two will compete in Selangor, Malaysia on Sunday afternoon WIB, February 20, 2022.

At the beginning of the first game, the representatives of Indonesia and Malaysia competed fiercely. They are chasing each other for points and several times the position of the draw.

Stealing each other’s points continues to happen in this first game. Until the time of the draw at 17-17, Leo/Daniel won four consecutive points and won 21-17.

Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of their own supporters, Aaron/Soh tried to get up in the second game. They don’t let Leo/Daniel get out of the way.

From the start of the second game to the end, the Malaysian pair could always win in points. They ended the Leo/Daniel resistance with a score of 21-13.

The course of the third game becomes tense with this situation. Leo/Daniel were two points behind at the start, but managed to make it level.

Malaysian men’s doubles Aaron Chia/Soh wooi Yik.

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