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Making a Webinar, UNITY Explores a Promising Career in the E-Sports Industry

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Entering 2022, the development of the e-sports industry does not seem to be stopping. Seeing the developments and great opportunities for a career in the e-sports industry, UniPin Community (UNITY) again held a webinar entitled “Building a Career in the E-sports Industry” which was held last February.

UNITY invited three resource persons to share their experiences in their careers, particularly in relation to the e-sports industry. Various problems such as the challenges that must be faced, and the solutions they found to finally have a successful career in the e-sports industry are also discussed in full in this webinar.

“Based on data from Forbes, in e-sports, the most popular are game developers, designers, animators, content writers, and streamers,” said Kevin Reinaldy, Business Development & Partnership Manager of Wall Street English Indonesia in his presentation, mentioning five career opportunities most popular in the e-sports industry.

Agreeing with Kevin’s explanation, Tasia Eda Lestari, Analyst & Manager of Bigetron Era said that career opportunities in the e-sports industry are more than what people like pro players or streamers see. Behind it all, there are also team managers, legal, social media managers, as well as the finance team who manage the finances of the e-sports team.

“Working as an analyst or pro player, communication is still important. The reason is, those who are involved in this work must be able to handle many important things, so that communication is crucial for teamwork,” said Tasia.

In every job, there will always be challenges, and the e-sports industry is no exception. Abigail Clarissa Liana, host and e-sports shoutcaster summarizes the basic challenges at work, namely Skill, Consistency, Attitude, Commitment, Mental (SCACM).

“Facing these challenges, recognizing your maximum potential is important. But what is equally important is that we want to work anywhere and we have to know ourselves first. Know where our greatest potential is,” said Abigail.

Another challenge when planning a career in the e-sports industry is parental approval, especially if your goal is to become a pro player or streamer. According to Tasia and Abigail, the best way to persuade parents is to provide direct evidence through achievement.

“To get the blessing of our parents, we must not be half-hearted in this e-sports industry. Work hard so you can win. Because if you win, your parents will also think and will allow us to work in this industry,” continued Tasia.

Every month, UNITY actively provides an educational platform related to the esports industry to support the positive growth of esports in Indonesia. All UNITY webinars that are held regularly every month can be watched again on the UniPin – UniPin Gaming YouTube channel.

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