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Make Your Black T-shirt Super Chic With DIY Bleach Tie Dye

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Black is the basic color that can be mixed and matched with all your outfits. But what if you’re trying to make your old black shirt even cooler with this bleach tie dye DIY. Here Popbela will tell you how to make it, take a peek here.

Tools and materials:

– Black t-shirt

– Bleach

– bucket

– Gloves

– Board

How to make:

The first step, prepare the materials such as t-shirts, bleach, rubber and boards.

DIY : BLEACH TIE DYE Super Bohemian

Next to form a plaid on your black shirt, fold and roll your shirt, then hold it with a board and tie it with rubber.

DIY : BLEACH TIE DYE Super Bohemian

Pour the bleach in the bucket you prepared, and make sure you wear gloves. Pour in 4 cups of bleach and mix with 1 cup of water. This black shirt when dipped in bleach will quickly turn black, so you must immediately lift it up, dry it by hanging it, Bela.

DIY : BLEACH TIE DYE Super Bohemian

After drying, then wash your tie dye shirt before wearing it. Voila! Your tie die is ready to wear.

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