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Make Sarwo Porridge, Faith Lesmana Becomes a Challenger to Windri Patilima

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Saturday, 12 February 2022 – 23:13 WIB

VIVA – Iman Lesmana won a ticket to challenge the welterweight champion, Windri Patilima, after beating Sarwo Edhi Sam in the One Pride Mixed Martial Arts contender party at Fight Night 56, Saturday 12 February 2022.

Iman took the initiative to attack which Sarwo could still serve well. Slowly, Iman was able to push Sarwo into a corner and invite him to fight downstairs.

This situation made it difficult for Sarwo to get out of Iman’s pressure. The BFC Bandung fighter comfortably showered Sarwo with punches.

The duel had turned upwards. However, Iman deftly releases a punch that makes Sarwo fall.

Iman used this moment to carry out ground and pound attacks. Sarwo, who was being bullied, was unable to withstand an attack from Iman.

The referee quickly ended the duel so that Iman automatically won even though the duel was still running in the first round. Faith was declared victorious by knockout.

This positive result has earned Iman the right to face Windri Patilima in a duel for the welterweight championship belt.

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