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Louis Vuitton Ready to Fight Sales of Counterfeit Products Circulating Online!

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LV joined forces with Alibaba.

The rise of sales of counterfeit designer products on line made the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton take strong action. Where Louis Vuitton joined Alibaba – group e-commerce large from China – to jointly fight the sale of counterfeit goods sold online on lineaccording to reports WWD. Alibaba Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, itself protects 18 large companies, including Swarovski, Samsung to Shiseido.

With this alliance, Alibaba aims to pool resources and enhance collaboration to protect and prosper the global system e-commercewhere brand can be protected from piracy digitally. This is all helped by the existence of advanced technology that has been created and entered from members who have shared IP authentication and anti-forgery data.

One of the actions that has been seen is when Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit in a Beijing court last year. Where Louis Vuitton sued TaoBao, one of the sales sites that collaborated with Alibaba, which turned out to be caught selling counterfeit products. Alibaba also took firm action by warning other parties under the auspices of Alibaba not to sell counterfeit goods on the internet platform each.

Photo source: Shot By Gio

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