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Look Elegant and Beautiful at the Turn of Chinese New Year

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The most important celebration for the Chinese, which is held in the first month of the Chinese calendar, ends with the Cap Go Meh event. Chinese New Year celebrations are also celebrated as festively as other religious holidays. Grab your luck by wearing a red dress that is very typical for Chinese New Year. Harmonize your appearance by wearing clothes with modern and beautiful pieces from Zalora. Get ready to be obsessed with spoiling your eyes with the following Zalora collection!

Urban women like you who love the convenience of shopping, Zalora is the right destination. This Chinese New Year 2016 this time, Zalora presents a collection with shades of red which is known as a symbol of good luck Versatile by uniting traditional Indonesian elements. Batik patterns that are no less majestic are prima donna blended in clothing ready to wear trendy.

Zalora Indonesia

Anthony Fung as Managing Director of Zalora Indonesia said, “We are very enthusiastic about launching the Chinese New Year collection for the third time. fashion apparel with quality design standards and remain affordable. This certainly provides an opportunity for Zalora consumers to appear fashion in every Chinese New Year celebration with a modern collection and without forgetting the cultural elements. Zalora is committed to providing a wide range of relevant fashion choices for consumers in Asia.”.

To commemorate this sacred day, Popbela believes that Zalora’s Chinese New Year collection with the theme “Celebration of the Modern Woman” this looks elegant, available starting at Rp. 299,000, -. The red splash vermilion This is intended to meet the needs fashion man and woman.

Look Elegant and Beautiful at the Turn of Chinese New YearZalora Indonesia

Zalora invites you to have a dynamic appearance that can spoil your eyes. Elegant lace pieces and summer flowers can make you the center of attention. Off-shoulder peplum, jumpsuit, and dress with a friendly price, it is designed using quality materials, so that you are comfortable.

Not only that, Zalora also presents more than 80 collections of men’s clothing inspired by the big screen film from Hong Kong entitled In The Mood for Love. fashionable. You can immediately see this collection through the Zalora application which can be downloaded directly download for free on the App Store and Google Play, and website Zalora

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