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Lombok’s Pink Beach that You Must Visit

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Lombok is one of the destinations for tropical tourism in Indonesia, which is already famous in all corners of the world after Bali. There are lots of destinations and tourism potential in Lombok that are worth visiting, ranging from cultural tourism, nature tourism, to sports tourism. In Lombok, there is a unique tourist destination that must be visited when on vacation there.

Pink Beach is a tourist destination in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara which has amazing beauty. The uniqueness of this beach is because the sand on the beach is pink or pink. The actual name of this beach is Tangsi Beach. The length of the coastline reaches 1.5 kilometers and is surrounded by hills. There are also several dyke or small islands around this beach.

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Location and Access

This beach is located on the east coast of the island of Lombok, namely in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency, NTB. To reach this location, you can choose the following accessibility alternatives.

By public transportation, you can travel from Mandalika station to Jerowaru market. Then, continue the journey to Tanjung Ringgit T-junction. The estimated time taken is 4 hours from the city of Mataram.

With a private vehicle, the trip can be done by passing Jalan Raya Mantang for approximately 76.4 km. The estimated time that can be taken is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from Senggigi.

If you want to take public transportation, the trip can be passed via Jalan Raden Puguh with a distance of approximately 73.3 km. The estimated time that must be taken is about 2 hours, to the port of Tanjung Luar. From the port, you can use a public boat to get to this beach tourist destination.

If you don’t want to be complicated, just use a car rental service in Lombok from Jalan Raya Bypass Lombok International Airport. Traveling a distance of approximately 98.7 km with an estimated time of 2 hours 30 minutes from Senggigi or Mataram City, you will immediately arrive at Pink Beach 1.

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If you visit this beach, you will not only be faced with one tourist destination. There are at least 5 tourist destinations there that can be visited at once.

  1. Sand Island

Sand Island is unique and only appears when the sea water recedes. If the wind that day comes from the southwest, then the appearance of this sand island has been there since the morning. However, when the wind blows from the south, the sand island will appear in the afternoon. If the sand island appears in the afternoon, it is better to visit the sand island at the end of the trip.

Since it is an island that appears only when the sea water recedes, of course there is no life on the island. There is only a stretch of white sand that is clean with soft grains. But from this island, you can see so many starfish. The colors also vary. Near this island there are also indigenous Bajo tribesmen. If you want to stop by to see firsthand about the life of this fishing community, you will get a valuable experience. There you can also buy Lombok woven fabrics typical of the Bajo tribe.

Near the sand island, there is another uniqueness. There are three small islands, namely Gili Marengkek, Gili Kambing and one other small dyke. When the water recedes, the three will be connected by a sand road. And local residents can use the road to cross to another island without a boat.

  1. Lombok Pink Beach 1

Lombok Pink Beach 1This beach is the main beach. This beach tourism destination is developing here. The uniqueness of this beach is clear from the color of the sand which looks like pink or pink. This beach also has the most pink sand color from other beaches in the vicinity. This sand has a high softness.

Around this beach there are many stalls selling snacks, young coconuts, and other foods. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach while enjoying a meal. You can also swim and play in the sand there. Besides that, you can also enjoy the overall view of the beach by climbing the hills around the coast.

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  1. Lombok Pink Beach 2

Lombok Pink Beach 2To get here, you have to take a boat first. This beach is a beach located on a small uninhabited island. If you get there, it’s a good idea to prepare physically so you don’t get seasick.

This island has green plants that will spoil the eyes. Because there are no residents, there you can only play in the water, but can’t buy food or souvenirs.

However, the beauty of this beach will not disappoint you. Although the color of the sand is not like the pink beach of Lombok 1, you will still find a valuable experience here.

  1. Gili Petelu

Gili PeteluWhy is it called Gili Petelu? Because there are three dykes that are shaped like hills whose beaches are connected to each other. Another uniqueness of Gili Petelu is that there are two different beaches separated by white sand.

It is about 2 meters wide. This place is the best spot to enjoy the beauty of the seabed by snorkeling. Besides the clear greenish water, there is a lot of biodiversity that can be seen up close. The seabed can also be seen from the surface.

Several types of living things around this beach are types of fish with various colors, one of which is the Nemo clown fish. There are also various colors of coral and other marine plants. If you are a lover of the underwater world, coming and snorkeling there is the best choice.

On the other side of the island, where the sea is separated from the shore, you can see sharks up close. Usually if you join a tour package, the boat captain will guide tourists to see the sea shark firsthand. But don’t worry, because the sharks here are not dangerous. The largest size ever found around this dyke is only about 1 meter.

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  1. Semangkoq . Beach

Semangkoq . BeachLocated to the right of Pink Beach Lombok 2, Semangkoq Beach is a must-visit tourist destination. This beach is called Semangkoq because of the curved shape of the beach like a bowl. To get there, there is no other choice but to take a boat. This beach is flanked by hills.

This place is also the best spot for tourists who like fishing. Even this beach is known by local people as a fish well. Apart from fishing, you can also snorkel.

That is the beauty of the Pink Beach tourist destination. Interested in visiting it? Don’t forget to prepare good supplies. Happy holidays and hopefully useful.

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