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Lombok Islamic Center Tour that Must Be Visited

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Tourism activities apparently are not only about things that are calming in the world. Traveling can still make someone close to the Creator. One of them by visiting several religious tourism objects. There are many kinds of religious tourism objects. However, this one religious tourism object can certainly fulfill spiritual needs as well as an interesting tour because it is located in Lombok, which incidentally is surrounded by various other interesting tourist objects to visit. This is the Lombok Islamic Center which can be visited as an interesting religious tourism object and can be used as a vacation tip to Lombok to get closer to the Creator.

Privileges of Islamic Center Mataram

Basically, Lombok is a tourist location where the majority of the population is Muslim and Hindu. However, the government of West Nusa Tenggara has been actively promoting Lombok’s religious tourism objects that attract halal tourism in Indonesia. One of the religious tourism objects whose name is echoed is the ancient mosque in Lombok which is also a historic location. This halal tourism promotion activity in Lombok is carried out at the Islamic Center Mataram, which is also known as the Islamic Center Lombok. This location has now become one of the main landmarks in the city of Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The province of West Nusa Tenggara itself does have a long history and series of stories regarding the development and civilization of Islam. That is why the location will still be interesting to visit as a tourist attraction when visiting Lombok. If you are in Lombok, or planning to travel to Lombok, there is no harm in trying to stop by this Islamic Center which is also one of the recommended locations for Children’s Tourism in Lombok.

This magnificent building began to be built during the leadership of the governor of West Nusa Tenggara, namely M. Zainul Majdi. However, the plan to build the Mataram Islamic Center was only realized in 2011. The opening or inauguration of a new building can be done at the end of 2013. The construction of the Mataram Islamic Center uses funds from APBD sources. The area of ​​the Islamic Center is 7.6 hectares and occupies a location on the main route. So the location will be very easy to reach.

The Lombok Islamic Center building itself has a number of main parts. However, the tower with a height of 99 meters is one of the most interesting parts. This 99 meter high tower is taken from the 99 names of Allah (Asma’ul Husna) which are the same. From the top of the tower, tourists can go up and enjoy the face of Mataram from a height. If you visit there, don’t forget to climb to the top of the tower.

The Mataram Islamic Center not only functions as a religious tourism object, but now also functions as an icon of the city of Mataram. In addition, this tourist attraction is also a cultural center and center of religious activity in Lombok, especially Mataram. The local government hyfa nebteduajab is a forum for local communities to produce various superior handicrafts typical of Lombok to be sold around the grandest building in West Nusa Tenggara.

Mataram Islamic Center Facilities

Mataram Islamic Center FacilitiesThe Lombok Islamic Center building has a beautiful splendor. This building has 5 high towers. As described above, the tower is 99 meters high. The tower is also equipped with elevator facilities that can transport tourists to the top. The color of the mosque building is very bright because it is dominated by turquoise, yellow, and white colors.

The Islamic Center is divided into 4 floors. This building is also equipped with a Bollroom. For the outside itself, there is a very large parking area that can accommodate up to 200 four-wheeled vehicles and also up to 2,000 two-wheeled vehicles. The capacity of the congregation itself to be able to worship in congregation in it is 15,000 worshipers.

The dome of the main building of the Lombok Islamic Center is also interesting. The Kuban of this building has a decoration in the form of a typical batik motif from the West Nusa Tenggara region, namely the sasambo batik motif, which does not exist in other mosques in Lombok.

In addition, there is also an additional dome that surrounds the main dome of the mosque. This small dome has a green color. There is a cream colored line as well as a sweetener. This additional type of dome is a concrete dome and looks very in tune with the main dome in the center of the building. The dome makes the impression of a modern and very beautiful building. In addition, the sasambo batik motif makes a local impression that is interesting to see. Structurally, this mosque is also stronger and more resistant to earthquakes, considering that Lombok is a location that is also prone to earthquakes.

The Mataram Islamic Center area itself is very large (7.6 hectares) while the main building itself occupies an area of ​​3.6 hectares. The benefits of Religious Tourism can be obtained there by doing several activities. For brevity, here are some parts of the building and also the existing facilities.

  • Education area
  • Study area
  • Commercial area
  • Sharia hotel area
  • Very large parking area
  • Secretariat of the mosque or Islamic center
  • A worship area that accommodates 15,000 worshipers
  • Escalator and lift facilities
  • Tower 99

Location of Islamic Center Mataram

The location of the Islamic Center Mataram West Nusa Tenggara is on Jalan Langko, Mataram City. The location is very strategic and is in the center of Mataram City, so visitors don’t need to be confused to look for it. And because it is still in the middle of the city, other facilities around the mosque will help tourists in getting their needs. For example, places to eat in Lombok or restaurants, which are around the area, so that tourists who visit can also take a culinary tour while waiting for the time to enter prayer or other worship.

The excitement and splendor of this mosque is also increasingly widespread when the month of Ramadan arrives. Local tourists and tourists from outside West Nusa Tenggara who are waiting for iftar hours usually like to climb to the top of tower 99 for ngabuburit. They can take pictures there while enjoying the atmosphere of Lombok from a height. An experience like this will definitely be an interesting halal religious tourism experience while in Lombok. And when the time for breaking the fast arrives, then they will enjoy Culinary Tours in Lombok around the mosque.

Those are some explanations about the Islamic Center Lombok which is interesting to visit as a religious tourism object. If you plan to come to Lombok, don’t forget to stop by there. Hopefully this article can provide useful information.

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